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Saturday, September 1, 2007


As we look back on the events of September 2006 I am sure we are all thinking about one thing: Cassie!

Cassieiswatching on LGPedia

A New York Times blogger, Virginia Heffernan, who had been extensively covering the story of lonelygirl15, reported on cassieiswatching's first video before it was released in this entry , describing it as "[a] renegade lonelygirl-spinoff, which has some attenuated ties to the original". When asked about it through e-mail, Ms. Heffernan said:

"I was tipped off to it in weird ways: Morse-code text messages, Skype
IMs with a mysterious name, and that screwy audio file. The only
proof that what the person was saying was true is that he/she/they/it
had a photo and the coordinates of the swimming hole, so I believed
that there had been some contact with the original creators. But who

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  1. What a time that was

  2. It's never who you think it is.

    Colonel Mustard in The Ballroom with the candlestick, Mrs. Peacock in The Library with the revolver, Mr. Green in The Billiard Room with the rope.

    You never look in the right direction.


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