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Monday, September 17, 2007

Pest Control - KateModern

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  1. OMG. OH NO!

    every timew a bell rings: a bell rang multiple times.

    Sonia and Carl Argument about Saturday: Juior Wiero said Saturday is not safe.

    OH DEAR.

  2. Pigeons, rats with wings. How I hate them.

  3. someones going against the "do not feed the pidgeons" rule....

  4. I thought Carl and Sonia were talking about Friday?

    And methinks cameras should be taken with on Saturday :P *puts on charge now*

  5. i hate it how kate gets really into peoples faces when shes threatning them. it looks like shes either going to make out with them or eat their faces off. scary

  6. I love it.
    She's very much intimidating.

  7. Kate hit him with her trait positive finger, but no blood shot out his back... something must be wrong.

  8. lol, "Steve got a frying pan for a lot less."

  9. I would listen to him if I were Kate. The exhibition is the perfect place for the Order to do something against Kate and her friends. Kate, quit being a bitch and take this guy seriously.


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