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Monday, September 17, 2007

Spreading the Song-Jonastko (LG15)

These Hymn of One people are real freaks. What the hell?!?! - Jonas

Spreading the Song-Jonastko (LG15) on LGPedia.

"Those kids" that Sonia mentions may be the TAAG
This video reveals that Sonia is completely in the dark as to what happened to Bree, whether or not Carl is remains to be seen.
The video suggests that Sonia might be helping LaRezisto or may even be part of the Resistance already.
"The Delivery" may hint to something big in the horizon, and when Carl mentions about protecting the girls, he is most likely referring to Emma. It may also refer to the birth or "delivery" of trait positive girls.
Many cults such as the "Moonies" stress the importance of friendship between the opposite sex rather than sexual relations. The sexual tension in this video highlights that such externally imposed restrictions are not always effective in suppressing such human urges.

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Note: The last 2 LG15 videos have been in a 10 or so mile radius from one another, centered on downtown LA. In the latest video, Jonas is chasing Carl and Sonia down a rather main street in Culver city. The end of the video could possibly be at La Cienega Park; the park where Cassie left the "bible drop", and the park where Tachyon started.


  1. hm, i think this was a good vid. maybe it's foreshadowing sonia joining their side? but the argument was a little too scripted.

    but i am interested for the time being.. :)

  2. I wonder if Jonas will go back to that house... I hope he does there is certainly more going on there.

  3. Up until this point I was willing to have an open mind about the HoO. But I just can't stand people who don't obey local speeding laws.

  4. Jill looks like a loose woman to me. I'm worried about Karl's innocence. It's a good thing he has Sonya with him.


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