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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Acid & Greg vs Adam & XO: FOR WORLD PEACE! - hopefulsemblance

Aight here's the deal gang.
Comment this. Rate this. Favorite this. Talk about this on the forum, at lg15today, in IRC chat, to acid when he's on air...
if you like this idea... we can make it happen... I will help make it happen.
Let's do this!!! Let's start this sh!t up!!!


  1. lol,

    trouble maker in the house, burnin' it down...

    acid & jammy gonna show that fool a clown

    adam lamar, all bark and no shout...

    spinning XO's C D's, they gonna knock that mutha out!


  2. that shit's dope man!

    And with the famous words of Greg lately: DOOOO IT!!!


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