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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

News from the Creators!

The Creators were speaking at the FITC conference in LA on Tuesday and JenniPowell and Immortal1 had theopportunity to meet with them and give us the scoop.

1. The reason there has been less videos is because next week they are releasing 2 extended episodes These episodes are being hosted on MySpace. There is a music component where a band is going to be featured in the first video and you'll be able to go and download their entire album for free.

2. They will be releasing a press release about this tomorrow.

3. We know Miles is going to a conference in Australia. Well, Greg is going to one at the same time...in Barcelona!

4. They plugged LonelyJew15 as well as Immortal1's videos in their presentation.

5. They MAY be calling in to JenniPowell's BreeFM show tomorrow.

6. They also talked about the improvements they are trying to make to the website and how they are still actively looking for web developers to really tackle their ultimate goal for hosting user generated content.

Stay tuned!!!!


  1. In #1, did you mean next week as in this current week, or next week as in actually next week?

    Stupid question, I know, but you neve know - I mean, it's already Tuesday night with no vid!

  2. I would assume that the 2 extended videos will be this week.

  3. Wait, I think I missed something. Where did you guys see the presentation to know Lonelyjew15 and Immo's videos were mentioned? I'm just curious, I want to see :)

  4. Yeah I'm interested in the context they were brought up.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. The Creators presented at an FITC (http://www.fitc.ca/) conference in Hollywood yesterday. Immortal1 and I met Greg and Miles before their presentation and they were kind enough to pull some strings and get us in to watch them speak (the tickets for this event were $300 - $1,000 dollars!).


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