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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Birthday Surprise - Gavin (KM)

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  1. Okay, so Gavin and Tariq have this TOP SECRET business idea, and what do they decide to do? Bring in some random guy to work with them, who is willing to work for free, and just happens to show up when they are about to make a very important super secret video demo! I have a bad feeling about this.

  2. Second worst birthday ever!

    1987 is still the worst. Tariq just wasn't old enough to handle the responsibility. That poor puppy, he never saw it coming. And the girl on the bike. She probably still has nightmares.

  3. Joe, you are so... twisted

  4. Wow. I don't ever want Gavin for a boss.

    "Call me 'sir,' it's more formal. ::Snap:: Go over there. Like a dog."

    Ooh, scary Order Kate! :P


  5. Genevieve? Are you kidding me?


  6. Gevevieve?!?!

    Is this the middle ages? Let's run around because the bubonic plaugue just came over from Asia! I mean seriously. That's a sheissty name.


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