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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Interview with XO - amblyopianne (redearth88)

I was feeling kinda good today, so I dusted off the doc and made some headway. This was recorded awhile back, but after my tapes were stolen, so... here it is.

Music is of XOs Grind-A-Holic

Interview with XO - amblyopianne (redearth88) on LGPedia

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  1. I have to go to work now. Figure it out! :)

    if there is anything to figure out.

    I do remember this, I guess it will need to be revisited.

  2. If someone comes and reads this in the near future, Clara is chatting on the youtube comment board right now, for anyone who wants to chat with her. I don't know how long she will stay, but she's there.

  3. She's gone (to Sonic burger to get herself soup).
    We were all talking to her in-game. In fact someone mentioned Operation Red Sunday and she asked what the hell they were talking about.
    No big information. There's no code in the vid because Clara said she made it
    Somebody Rick Rolled her (lol).
    A debate over Dr. Pepper occurred (it her fave drink).
    She said she's constantly creeped out these days, but didn't talk about it.
    She left saying that we were faking being fun for her. I still don't think she's warmed to the community yet (if ever).

  4. she also said she may juggle for zoey.

    and it was me who mentioned red sunday, i didnt realise she was there and we were in game haha =/

  5. At the end of this video there was an extension of the regular "redearth" ending. Instead of just saying "the universe is more than we make of it" (or whatever) it said "amblyopianne the universe is more than we make of it". I don't know if the inclusion of Clara's username means anything in particular, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

  6. Clara has left for the night.

  7. 'The universe is wider than our views of it.' -- Henry David Thoreau

    It's also the tagline for Red Territory on the LG15 forum.


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