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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Cowboy audition... very original title I know - hopefulsemblance

NOTICE: Not a part of the Y.F.C. storyline taking place on this account.

Monologue taken from Kill Bill: Volume II.
Famous scene where David Carradine shoots Uma Thurman full of truth serum and is waiting for the effects to kick in


  1. Ha! You can actually pick up on his 'twang' when he's explaining that his reading accent is real. Thought that was funny.

  2. I just listened to myself for the first time... GOD THAT SUCKED!!! LoL!
    Thanks for saying you can hear the accent naturally... BECAUSE I HATE IT!!! LoL
    I try to consciously hide it... guess I'm not doing a great job of that... =(


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