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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"A Stern Warning." -thewinekone

NEWSFLASH: The video in this story has now been set to private. We do not have additional details but we will let you know as soon as we hear more. In the mean time please continue to leave comments.~mm
Thewinekone was one of the many youtube artist that helped propel Lonelygirl15 into it's fame. If you are a regular viewer of his video, you will know that Tony (thewinekone) has a very funny mind that resides for the most part in the gutter.
Unfortunately, however, due to the new crack down by YouTube Moderators he received an email notice warning him about his "vulgar" jokes. However, while this is occurring spammers are spamming youtube channels, people are posting videos with womens breasts as their main image, people are using bots and underage girls are dancing around in thongs and bras.

So I, Kill the smiley, am asking you to help save Thewinekone! He helped make this community what we are today, lets show him our gratitude by making our voice heard by the youtube community! Make a video declaring your disturbance with this action while they are letting worse offenders run ramped undetected.
On top of that, make sure Tony knows that you don't want him to leave YouTube (as he's considering doing!)

(This video does have cursing)

If you've made a video response send me the link, I'm going to be covering this next week on my show on Bree.FM

EDIT: It turns out thewinekone meant for this video to be a joke, but the vast majority of the YouTube community took it at face value - see the later video & story about it here: http://lg15today.blogspot.com/2007/10/was-it-hoax.html.


  1. Should videos be posted as responses or what do you suggest pple do with them to get the word out to you YouTube?

  2. I would suggest to post them as a response video to Tony's video as a gesture of gratitude to him, also I know Youtube is monitoring his channel right now like mad, so the faster ytou get them up, the better because after this video (because of the shocker gesture) his account is going to get suspended (he did that on purpose btw....).
    But put them up QUICK QUICK QUICK.
    As for appearing on BreeFM leave the URL on this blog posting or email them to me at [email protected] and I'll pick a couple that I really liked and I'll play sound bites.
    I'm also in talks with Tony literally as I'm typing this over youtube so I'll let you all know if and when his accounts (both Winekone and Winektwo are being considered for suspension)are suspended.

  3. Can you get him to turn on his auto accept to response videos?

  4. I went to University with Tony for a year. He's a great guy and I can't believe YouTube would send him a letter like that. He's too good for them.

  5. I agree with anonymous, he is too good for them if they are gonna be like that. and yes, he needs to turn on his auto accept to vids..

  6. Did he take the video down, or did YouTube remove it?

  7. Wow.

    I bet his inbox is flooded or I would try and send him a message or something. There was a huge resposne on the comments of that video, he has to know people are behind him.

  8. He posted a new vid...the last one about him possibly being censored/suspended was a joke...

  9. What exactly does this have to do with LG15?

  10. it has to do with LG15 becaseu Tony helped propel the LG15 series into the success it is (like I said in the blog post) If you don't understand that, go check out the first lonelygirl15 video, and the TAGs and the first .. i think 20 or so comments. 3 or them are the Winekone and theres a Winekone tag...


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