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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Free Music Download - Something For Rockets new album

y.f.c. posted these instructions as a comment:

It says that you have to send an e-mail to onetrackmind@somethingforrockets.com
with your name and zip code in the subject line to download the entire album.
I tried it and received a reply right away with a website, userid, password to use to get the download... listening to the mp3's as I type this. For those who do not plan to download the album (ZIP file is about 43MB), you can listen to a few tracks by Something For Rockets on their myspace page http://www.myspace.com/somethingforrockets, and I'm sure we will play them on BreeFM.

EDIT: found the instructions - it was hard to see right in front of me in a huge banner at the top of the myspace page:


  1. Send a sexy e-mail... hmmm somehow that doesnt seem so lg15

  2. what does a sexy e-mail exactly consist of?

  3. Ha...you can leave the body blank (is that sexy?) just put in name and zip code in the subject and you get the reply. Actually, the music is pretty good...

  4. Track 8 "All OK (2007)" is very familiar from LG15 vids.

  5. I like track 7, "Same Old Thing" featuring Itzhak Perlman (wow!) on violin.


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