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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Is This The End? (Lonelygirl15 on MySpaceTV)

Thanks qthec for solving that code in Emma's video. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned . . . time is running out. - Jonas For a free download of the new Something For Rockets album "One Track Mind," go to: http://www.myspace.com/somethingforrockets Come back tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of this two part episode.

ED: note that I was only one of several people who helped crack the code - I happened to be there for the last step. ~QtheC

Lonelygirl15 - Is This the End?

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  1. *Extended episode must mean extended chase scene.

    *Crack code, get chased, go to location, get chased, get trapped. 12in12 kinda started that way didn't it?

    *Ok--tiny possible plot hole. If Emma is sending a coded message doesn't that mean she wants to be rescued? Is she wants to be rescued, doesn't that mean she's there against her will? If she's there against her will, how can she do the Ceremony? Unless rogue Elders look the other way on that which I suppose is possible...

    *Having said that- I'm a huge fan of the cliffhanger and I can't figure out how they're going to get out of this one and that's a good thing.

    *Tomorrow's episode has the potential to be really kick ass.

  2. If she's there against her will, how can she do the Ceremony?

    That's what Vergil(?) the Watcher said... the Order proper treats these girls with respect and honor. It can be inferred that Rezisto doesn't respect the rules and precepts of free will like the Order proper does.

  3. Its like Blair witch, but in broad daylight and with guns! I love it :)

  4. The first half was spectacularly bizzare to me(running through a house, WTF?) but I thought the second half was alright. Nice little cliffhanger.

  5. Thanks for adding the video embed (probably modelmotion) and removing the link - I don't have a myspace login.

  6. It was me Q and you are more than welcome :) Well done to you and all the code crackers!

  7. My bold, uneducated prediction: One of 'em will die tomorrow. Probably Daniel; his kissing Mallory goodbye at the beginning looked like foreshadowing. "Everything will be OK. Don't worry." Riiight...

  8. hehehe, just realized that even with his life in danger, Jonas took the time to give me a shout-out (wow!) ... well me and "Something For Rockets" ... he must REALLY like that band.

  9. the chase scene made me mad...just a bunch of pointless running around.
    Other then that...interesting

  10. ps: jonas with a gun makes me want to hit something because he REALLY doesn't know what he's doing...
    pss: the wholemyspace thingys at the end makes me mad...sorry..but they do

  11. um...isn't that the house from Grosse Pointe Blank with John Cusack?

  12. Hey, people. I just thought I'd share that the transcript is... Well... Started, at least. Sadly, formatting is out the hoozit because that's really very complex. Anyway, please work on it?

  13. God, Mallory is clueless. No matter what Daniel says, unless he DIES, this will not be "the last time."

    Then, there's lots of running. And guns. I don't like guns.

    And then, trapped. Bum bum BUUUUM!

    Sigh. I dunno. I expected ... something more than mostly running?

    I hope that tomorrow is better.


  14. did anyone else get bugged by the way jonas ran into the convenience store, and instead of going straight through to the door, he chose to swerve down a couple of aisles, just for the heck of it?


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