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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lonelygirl15 Season Two... So Far - Lonelygirl15

For those of you who've missed a few episodes, here's what's been
going on this season so far. To see more, go to Lonelygirl15.com on
Thursday and Friday for our extended videos.

Way of the Gundagai by Darren Boling
The Resistance Theme by Darren Boling
Moonrise by Yongen
Greek Archaic by Arthur Yoria
Bones by Mercy Machine


  1. YAY I'm really excited about Thurs and Fri now! Damn me being out Thursday!

  2. I'm not. I was sooo disappointed in 12 in 12. We only saw Bree in glimpses, and after months of running, she sacrificed herself so the TAAG could "get on with their lives" and "save other girls."


    It was a HUGE letdown. I'm prepared to be disappointed again.

  3. aw man, I posted this video and I didn't even watch more than a little bit of it! (I figured I could watch it again later tonight)

    did I miss anything good?

  4. The last 5 seconds are fresh in my mind.
    Sonia sayings "Emma's sending a code?!?!?"
    Mallory smiling.
    Emma dancing.
    Daniel looking into the forest.
    Lucy holding two guns towards the camera.
    Bree in white from the HoO vids slowly opening her eyes.

  5. Only thing that changed was the screenshot that's not Emma.
    Other than that it's the original.

  6. It's good to see Taylor's face again. And yesterday she returned to her chat! :-D Wonder if she'll be back on the vids today and tomorrow? I hope so. I miss her!!!

  7. Taylor seems to be back, it's now waiting for Spencer to return.


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