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Wednesday, October 24, 2007


October 24, 2007



Follow Up To Season Finale Scheduled With New ReCap and Long Forms

Los Angeles – October 24, 2007 - As a follow up to the wildly successful Season One finale of lonelygirl15 (modelmotion ) on MySpaceTV, the original and most watched online interactive serial drama will air extended episodes – in two parts over the course of two days – in an exclusive with MySpace on Thursday October 25 and Friday October 26 lasting throughout the weekend. At 10am (PST) on each day, the videos will appear on the front page of MySpaceTV and on the MySpaceTV player on www.LG15.com. Heavy onsite promotion will accompany the event. The Season One finale of lonelygirl15 featured on MySpaceTV in August received close to 2 million views. As a bonus to viewers, the Creators of LG15 will include a recap video to accompany the cliff hanger and its conclusion. The Season One re-cap which premiered on MySpaceTV (http://www.myspacetv.com ) generated 1.4 million views during the finale weekend.

As part of the special episodes, cutting edge rockers, Something For Rockets will premiere their new single ”Beautiful Life” from their CD, ONE TRACK MIND (released on Tuesday, 10/23) in the first installment. As a perk to lonelygirl15 fans, the band will make the entire album available for free download throughout the weekend via a link on www.LG15.com or MySpaceTV to http://www.myspace.com/somethingforrockets.

These elongated episodes occur as Jonas’ adopted sister Emma has been taken by a rogue elder working outside of the evil “Order” and is being prepared for the same ceremony that killed Bree in the Season One finale. The clock is ticking on whether the crew can save her.

Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, the Creators of lonelygirl15 (and KateModern) state, “We are excited to partner with MySpace to once again bring lonelygirl15 to an even larger audience. The success of the show over the past year and a half has allowed us to increase production values and continue to build upon the compelling storylines which is especially evident in the cliffhanger at the end of the first episode leading into the blockbuster ending in these special extended episodes.”

lonelygirl15 (http://www.LG15.com ) is an ensemble based serial drama garnering on an average of 250,000—300,000 views per episode, with some episodes logging in at over a million views each, for a total of over 70 million combined views. The show was created by Miles Beckett, Greg Goodfried and Mesh Flinders --- a doctor, a lawyer and filmmaker. The lonelygirl15 team, which has grown to include Producer Amanda Goodfried, recently launched KateModern, the story of a hip, British University student and her group of friends as they endeavor into the types of mysteries, adventures and interactive elements that have made lonelygirl15 an international success with almost 17 million views since its launch this summer. lonelygirl15 and KateModern have been leaders in the interactive online programming genre in partnering with major brands for integrative relationships throughout the shows. lonelygirl15 has featured Hershey’s Icebreaker’s Sours Gum and Neutrogena with a character woven throughout months of the storyline including his being voted ‘employee of the month’ and being given a corporate email account of the company’s website. KateModern launched with integrated deals with brand leaders MSN, Walt Disney's Buena Vista, Paramount, Procter & Gamble, and Orange Mobile.


  1. hi saw your video on youtude. it was pretty cool.

  2. This article/press release is a little confusing, but I *think* there is the short recap based on the season 1 finale, and 2 extended episodes to come. And it sounds like the extended episodes will cover the what happens to Emma as she faces the ceremony and TAAG tries to save her.

    Is this correct?


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