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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Sophie S says,

"Who's going to Waterloo Bridge for 6pm?? Gavin, Charlie, Tariq and Julia are going to be there!!"
Gavin says,

"I'll be at Wtaterloo brridge for 6. Might have hda a drinkthough!!"
Tariq says,

"Please come with us to Waterloo Bridge at 6pm. Gavin can't be trusted to get there on time!"
Sophie S says,

"I can't make it to Waterloo Bridge tonight - YOU HAVE TO GO FOR ME!!!! And get videos..."

Waterloo Bridge on Wikipedia

360 degree view of Waterloo Bridge.

The locations so far.......

Research: Hallows

LEE on LGPedia

Sam Donovan, the actor who plays Lee on KateModern (LGPedia)

LGpedia needs your HELP!

Lee's profile on Bebo.

Everton F.C. - Lee's "football team" on Wikipedia.


  1. Cool, send us a pick of the bridge at least:)

    And ask Lee what team he supports.

  2. Everton - it says on his profile!

  3. ahhhh thanks!!!!!

    so who is going to the England game tonight after the bridge?

  4. If we did that you wouldn't have any videos to watch!

  5. Ha, good point. Thats what I call dedication!!!

    Ah well, I was kinda hoping that Lee could run onto the pitch with a gnome:)


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