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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tariq says...

Tariq says:

Waterloo Bridge

Just back from the bridge - it didn't go that well. Gavin turned up drunk and went mental, like that's going to help anything.... Anyway, I'm editing my video at the moment so I'll get that up ASAP.

For now, here's the clue from the gnome...

“Chris made Paul a lovely home. He built it with a great big dome. But there’s one little catch, where ever you go, there’s a watch.”

What do you think?


::::::SPOILER WARNING::::::::
This content may affect your enjoyment of future videos. Do not read it if you don't want to know!!!!!

Early reports from OTS reporter, Jenna, say that (not confirmed yet):

Julia (Tariq's gf) was holding up a sign, one side saying "Sorry Lee" and the other saying "Honk If You're Horny"

Then Charlie and Gavin turned up, and Gavin was wielding a golf club, intending to use it on Lee when he turned up, and was waving it around drunkly

Then a woman turned up and said something like "I was told to give you this" and hands the gnome over to Gavin, saying some boy gave it to her.

Gavin went to smash it up, but Charlie stopped him, and managed to read the clue (We couldn't hear what it was though, i guess we have to wait for the video) and then Gavin smashed the gnome up

Then he ran off and Charlie followed him, and Tariq and Julia went the opposite way.

Jenna said: "And I got a piece of gnome xD very happy.

And the cameraman interviewed me and asked me about Kate, and asked what he should know about the Order, and asked me to summarise what just happened."


  1. Haha I'm the reporter on the scene....Niiice
    *is cool*

    I got a piece of gnome!!

  2. Great reporting Jenna ... thanks!


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