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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Bree Email returns

Jonas says:

On Christmas day we tried our best to be merry even though we're terribly worried about Dr. Hart. Emma made some gingerbread cookies and Daniel whipped up a brew of hot apple cider (don't worry, it was non-alcoholic). We mostly sat around all day watching your typical Christmas day movies: It's A Wonderful Life, Elf, and that movie where the kid puts his tongue on the flagpole. It was pretty uneventful, which is why we haven't uploaded a video. However, a few hours ago, Daniel checked the mailbox and discovered a surprise - a red velvet stocking. Inside was nothing but a flash drive. We were kind of freaked out at first, since we were pretty sure it was Virgil's "gift." After debating whether to open it or not, Emma finally just picked it up and put it in the computer. There was only one file on it - "P. Monkey Email." It was kinda freaky at first, but then we got excited. After Daniel sent the file to La Rezisto, which turned out to be nothing more than the Rogue Elder, we thought we'd lost this precious information forever. I guess Virgil must have recovered it after he took out Claire. Virgil, if you're out there, thanks for getting this back to us. We're not sure what to do with it and we have a few things we need to deal with before we make it public. I promise we'll be more careful with it this time and your efforts to get us the file won't go in vein.


P.S. Seeing the email and reading the words "P. Monkey" kinda depressed me.


  1. Cool.
    The missing Breemail.

    It's 'vain' instead of 'vein' though :-)

  2. Show us the email already. I hate it when the drag shit out.

  3. let's hope some plot holes are resolved here...

  4. At least they are trying to find a way to fix that stupid situation...

  5. Maybe he left the "vein" part as a clue or something. Or maybe I've been watching too much LG15/Kate Modern.

  6. I was thinking the same thing Kim - "vein" instead of "vain" - but I don't yet see a message.

    The name "P. Monkey Email" does remind me that Bree's dad once used P. Monkey to hide a note for her (in a place where only she would be likely to find it).

  7. About freakin' time!

  8. jonas doesn't always spell things right, if you haven't noticed. he's intelligent but didn't go to school to get slapped with a ruler about these things.

    of course vein could be a clue, as could everything, all the time. like mallory's hiccup. maybe she was telling us where she was. wait, we don't care.


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