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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @10pm EST, Wednesday.

Glenn said, "I'll make the first hour an all request hour to read from original drafts and outlines of any episode I worked on!"

Tonight Glenn will be taking requests. He is drinking diet Dr. Pepper. He swears that the next video is very very very close. He is at the "thumb nail stage". He had some audio mixing issues to deal with today.
Glenn thanked the Red Army. He "fell in love" with Sarah when he saw her audition video. She is better than what he saw in his head. She evokes so much emotion. She appeals to Glenn even more than Bree.

As he has talked about before Mesh grew up in Petaluma close to Glenn and when Glenn saw Bree he identified with the character's voice.

As Glenn developed Rachel's role he remembered the discussion of "how do we bring back classic Bree" after the "On The Run" video.
Worth the wait was basically an outline at best. In the filming Glenn was talking to Logan a lot of the time explaining what he wanted. Sarah ducked behind Logan. Logan did the camera work There was a lot of special effect work. They improvised the audio. Glenn listened and then watched the playback. They ran it nine or ten times. Sarah's dialogue is 95 percent what was recorded as they shot it. Glenn spent a week working on the visuals and 4-6 days working on the audio. Glenn had Logan re-record many of his lines in post based on a modified script.

Glenn felt that scripting it out might not be good. Sarah found the tunnel. Glenn wanted a "spooky" feeling. You are working at an insane pace and often you do not know what locations you are going to get.

With LG15 Glenn found it frustrating that if something did not come out OK (did not work) there was no opportunity to re-work it. For example with the Cowboy video Jessica was going off to do a movie so there were severe time constraints. Miles approved the changes to the draft. Miles oversees everything. Mesh participates in the story meetings. There were some missed communications. Glenn wanted to add some Jackson audio but the video had to go up that night.

Quality vs deadlines? Moonlighting had a lot of production problems and it took its toll.
Glenn has an interesting way to expand our "presence". It should not affect the viewer but it should communicate better with new "fans" by additional distribution. Stay tuned.....
"Cut To The Chase " was similar in that Glenn only had an outline and the idea for the warspy device.
There are a million reasons why things get changed so bear that in mind as Glenn reads the scripts. Remember that things evolved when you are creating a video.
"Watch This" - the watcher was outside Jonas' place.

Glenn narrated the original script of the video that he turned in. Here is the final video:

Watch This!

This was shot the say after Human Ransom. Glenn was working on "Miss Me" while it was being shot.
" The Human Ransom" - original title: "Bree and Tachyon in bff" (Best Friends Forever). It could probably had a more catchy title to draw in more views. The "Daniel is Missing" video had more views!

Glenn narrated the original script. Here is the final video:

The Human Ransom

Hats off to Amanda who is a fantastic producer. She had the idea about asking Miles father for access to an office building and did a great job of the blocking for the shoot. She even had options for the flash bang can.

With RedEarth88 Glenn misses working with Amanda.
Glenn said Greg Gallows is "sexy".
Glenn talked about Jenni, Mic and Pill who started as viewers and now work on RedEarth88. He would like to expand on that in 08.
Glenn is shocked that there is not an LG15 DVD. He wishes it was out. He would love to provide whatever commentary is needed.
"The 10 Week Outline"

With LG15 they have an internal numbering system. When Glenn was there "Season 1" internally was everything up to "On The Run". Up until the week they took Jonas hostage in the cabin was "Season 2". "Season 3" started with the week before aunt Alex showed up.

Glenn read the 10 week outline of "Season 3" where aunt Alex and Sarah were introduced (along with Sarah's sister). It turned out so much different from how it was originally envisioned. The outline has no reference of Jonas going to the vet.

Glenn said it is a trip to see how this arc worked out since he created Sarah and aunt Alex, and co-created Taylor.

Glenn went from a writer to being a story editor. The story editor oversees the the continuity. A lot of things would change. Glenn said he needed some official capacity since he was fixing problems. The source of a lot of conflict was that things would still change in the script and he was not given the "final pass". Miles and Glenn would talk a lot. They talked about the "new girl" for a long time. It was needed to put Bree in a new context. Bree could become pro-active. The new girl arc was put off a lot. There was an investor involved but there was no revenue so there was not enough of a budget to do casting.

A lot of stuff from " The Unthinkable Happened" up until the "new girl arc" was stories they came up with because they could not do the new girl arc. Glenn was disappointed with how it was executed.

When Glenn came into the show Bree was going to get something from her father and it would affect other girls. Then there was a lag because they would have had to do the "new girl arc". This is why it took so long to end up at Jonas'. There were external reasons. Glenn helped end the arc and begin the new girl arc.

Glenn had nothing to do with the Katheryn MacPhee episode. There were "Glenn weeks" and then "Mesh weeks". Glenn contributed in some of the re-writes.

The idea of Daniel getting captured was one Glenn had. He felt the show would work best if you separated the characters. Coming back from "Jonas being tied" up Glenn was tasked with writing an outline.

Either Glenn or Miles would type up the notes from the story meeting for the next weeks production. Glenn was trusted with the task of writing 10 weeks. Glenn knew how a TV show was run. He gave out homework to Miles, Mesh, Greg, and himself for how they envisioned the 10 week arc. They had a brainstorming session. (spitball session). Glenn had a pitch for Cassie. They took the basic ideas and Glenn did a ton of research: Structure of the Order. Ways they could flesh out the story and concepts. Originally the idea was that Tachyon could be introduced as a strong female protagonist if Jessica left the show. Glenn does not know the business details of what went down with Jessica.

Glenn was worried they might have the idea to "rip off Tachyon" for another character but that was not what they were thinking. They said Glenn could make up the character that was the sister of the new girl. They also wanted girls for Daniel to make out with. Tachyon had a crush on Daniel. They wanted Daniel to get some play because that's when Bree would realize she was into Daniel.

They needed to hook Daniel up. The needed a "slutty girl". They had been talking about casting. What if they had the sister be the slutty girl. The arc would start out with the girl seeming to be inconsequential. Compare to Buffy the movie where the girl starts out as inconsequential. The slutty bad girl made sense. If her sister was chosen for the ceremony her parents would not pay attention to her and that's why she would become slutty. Then she would go from depressed to avenging her sister.

Glenn read from his own e-mail:
Feb 15, 2007 Story arc


"Season 3"
- control of their own destiny
-they need to fail in a situation
- introduction of new character
- bible research for the Order
- he named Sarah because of Loveline.

Realize that a lot of things turned out different. Miles posted something in late April. He was bummed about how the series was going. An actress had backed out.

(Sarah's sister was not supposed to be Sam)

Glenn wrote short summaries of the 4 story arcs for a 10 week period.

Arc 1 - Aunt Alex - resistance demise
Arc 2 - Bounty hunter - sent to capture Bree on behalf of a rogue leader
Arc 3 - The ceremony new girl -Bree needs to convince Molly that she needs to back out of the ceremony
Arc ? - Molly has disappeared. Molly's sister is Sarah. Bree saves Molly. They escape but its too late for some.
Arc ? - Sarah and Daniel. Tachyon - new resistance

Week.1 - infighting - icebreakers gum, aunt Alex (late 20, kind of a bitch) - evidence of bomb shelters

Week.2 - Daniel has a crush on aunt Alex. Bree does not like Alex. Bree goes to meet Tachyon. We learn Alex is part of the Order. Alex overseas Jonas' trust fund. *new video stream appears - recovery mission

Week.3 - Bree gets an urgent message from Tachyon. We see them filmed from a distance. They have a run in. The point of view is that of a bounty hunter who is working on behalf of a rogue elder. Zodiac of Denderah . They avoid another run in and TINAG post a video to fake out the Order.

Glenn had been to universal studios and had seen the European set. Glenn pitched the idea of making a video that make it look like they were in New York. Glenn build a rig to attach the camera to the sun roof of his Expedition. They would post the first video on a Thursday (New York, New York) and then they would post the bounty hunter perspective on Friday.

The "bounty hunter arc" was nothing like how it was envisioned.

Wk 4 - we learn that the ruse did not work. The bounty hunters have a very short life span (PCP?). They need to keep up until the bounty hunter expires. * a new blog stream appears from a new girl - other videos appear from other girls.

The bounty hunter was the shadow. (Glenn wanted to call them "sheut-ka" - (sheut = shadow, ka = life force).

Glenn was happy that the watcher appeared out of nowhere and saved the day. He had wanted to do something like that for a long time.

Week.5 - group has fled to bomb shelter. Tachyon lets them know about the other girl posting. The fans help find the chosen girl. We learn the girl is known as Molly. She lives in Wikenburg, Az (see the Lucy Google map). Molly was to be the ceremony girl. Taylor was supposed to be the decoy.

" Call Me Jules" - idea like the Flock. ARG like. Almost like screen tests with different characters.

The bounty hunter and aunt Alex - introduction of different bad guys" An evil scientist. Trait positive girls who were not potent enough. Experiments to make their blood more potent. What if there were more elders than ceremony girls.

The Order might say forget about Free Will. They could get desperate. Compare to Blade 3. A facility where girls are being harvested for their blood. Crazy over the top stuff.

Pay offs:
Zodiac of Denderah
Wickenburg, Arizona - Aleister Crowley

Week.6 - Bree makes contact with Molly. Molly thinks about backing out of the ceremony. Molly has a sister called Sarah. Molly is the "good daughter" where as Sarah is the "bad daughter". Sarah is their biological daughter. She is a slutty bad girl named after the girls who call into Loveline with problems. She is looking for approval and acceptance much like Daniel. They had similar experiences.

Molly is sceptical after watching Bree's videos. Why would any girl do the ceremony after watching Bree's videos.

Bree feels bad

Week 7 - Molly is open to doing the ceremony. Molly disappears. Wickenburg ...... Bree sees Sarah for the first time. Bree knocks on the door. We see Molly's bedroom. Someone is there.

cf: 10/12/06 what if we saw Bree's web cam go on and the bedroom was empty?

Week. 8 - Bree regrets not busting down the door. Sarah arrives at the bunker. The video from the bedroom was hers. They all head to the ceremony and take video cams to expose the Order. Molly turns the tables on Bree. Bree essentially had encouraged Molly to do the ceremony.

Lucy could have reedited the videos from confiscated cameras.

The week ends with a Tachyon video.

12 Zodiac signs. - Glenn had a fascination with the number 12 and also wanted to work in the idea of alchemy.

Glenn was not really into the zodiac stuff but he made an effort to research it and take it down the path of alchemy.

New ceremony girl - Glenn liked the idea of having a hard cored true believer who would betray the group. It would make her a very tragic figure.

This would have place the ceremony around April 20.

Week. 9 - Sarah is pissed. Molly is dead. It looks like Sarah will leave the group. Daniel goes with Sarah to her home There are boxes packed up. Bree is floored by the fact that a girl died in the ceremony. Jonas cautions Daniel about taking advantage of Sarah.

Week. 10 - Bree returns. Tachyon has a "new resistance". There are other girls preparing for the ceremony. They need the girls to question authority. Bree's dad was working on a cure. Similar ceremony though time. Napoleon -Crowley connection?

Sarah opens up. Daniel shows her how to operate the camera. Confessional. Sarah mocks Bree.

End of "10 week arc".
With Sarah and Tachyon, Glenn wanted each character to have a clear agenda. They needed a clear loss so their later success would be meaningful. They needed to feel responsible. We would not see it coming that Sarah would become a long term member of the cast. Molly turning out to be "bad" would have been a surprise. Molly flipping out on Bree would have been a really cool scene.
Jessica's contract was still going during that arc. Why did her appearances decline?
Random notes:

Serotonin / antidepressants: Helpers could be like an antidepressants. Helps keep the blood potent.

Fake ceremony - would Lucy really have been promoted in the real world since she keep "phailing"?

There was always a split over whether to introduce Cassie. She was never to be a ceremony girl.
Idea was to outline the "A" plot story.

Glenn officially left LG15 on March 15th. There were other tensions at the time. The videos suffered from Glenn's absence. Glenn feels for those who he left behind who had to work on the videos without him. Glenn got a very nice e-mail recently from Greg.

An actress was cast for Molly and that is probably who backed out. She was a red head. Glenn's idea would have been blond hair and blue eyes.
Glenn thanked the Anchor Cove crew for their comments which have helped make him a better writer. With RedEarth88 he had a chance to start fresh with an awareness of all the concerns.
"LGPedia is pretty F------ awesome" - Glenn 2007
The YouTube partner program: what does it all mean? YouTube is just part of the strategy. You also need investors. There will be a big push in the new year.
RedEarth88: Glenn thought it would be easier if he did not need to go down to LA to direct the videos. Instead, Sarah has been shooting the videos and giving Glenn lots of great options.

When Glenn directs he can crank out a video fast because he can "see" the finished product as he is shooting it.

With the current system Glenn or Mike go through the footage and figure out how to make it work. This was Glenn's idea on how to save time and he did not realize the impact until recently. Mike "cuts to the script" from the footage he has and does an excellent job. Its just not what Glenn would have done if he had been there directing. Mike chooses great "takes", but its not working in the way Glenn envisioned. Glenn spends time with the video and tries to make the best video he can with the footage that is available. He has to find an altered vision within the video based on the footage.

This is why it has taken longer. With the next batch Glenn will go to LA and direct the videos because it is taking 5 times longer to edit them the way he has been doing it.

Mike edits to the script and does a really wonderful job. When Glenn edits he has more latitude because he has the freedom to make revisions.

Glenn accepts responsibility for his mistakes. It sounded like a great short cut but did not end up that way.

By 3pm PST Thursday there will be a new RedEarth88 video. Enjoy the music and the shout out for Zoey!

"For The Ladies" - Written by Glenn. Miles and Yousef improvised a lot.

Jonas is in the den and talks in a mock documentary voice. Daniel is going out in search of a lady.

Glenn read the original script.

For The Ladies

The jokes that made it into the video were funnier than the original script. Credit to Miles.

Glenn liked the idea of Daniel and Jonas not doing typical guy things. For example they could both talk about their feelings. In part that is based on one of Glenn's own friendships. Stereotypical characters do not interest Glenn. Those are the people you outgrow in life.

Glenn likes the drama and conflict he was trying to set up between Bree and Daniel They were both "emotionally retarded'.

When Glenn creates a character he knows what their "issues" are. He knows how they would react to any situation.
He hopes that makes for compelling characters.

To see the "log" for previous episodes of GlennFM check out the story index.

Send requests to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
02:18:53 The All-American Rejects - Dirty Little Secret
02:14:41 Michelle Branch - Goodbye To You
00:17:43 Creeper Lagoon - Chance Of A Lifetime
00:12:45 Counting Crows - A Long December
00:09:48 Mitch Hedberg - Six People Isn't Convincing
00:06:35 Mitch Hedberg - Fire Exit
00:01:24 Marky Mark - The Touch
23:08:27 JFJ Band - Sold Me Out
23:05:09 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix) - tiny clue: ysmhqv
23:02:33 Ridel High - Monsters Under Your Bed
22:39:57 MC Lars - The Roommate From Hell
22:08:28 John Parr - St. Elmo's Fire (Man In Motion)
22:08:24 BreeFM Drop
22:03:59 Night Ranger - The Secret of My Success
22:03:48 Alana Stone - I Will
22:01:19 David Barton Harris - Blame It On the Sun

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