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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Conjugal Visit - Daniel (LG15)

I can't wait to see Mallory! - Daniel


  1. Going to surprise Mallory on set. What could possibly go wrong?

  2. When Daniel makes his surprise visit, catches Mallory cheating and makes a video saying he should have listened to the folks on the forum will anyone feel sorry for the guy? Not I.

    It seems clear to me that this is how the story is going to be moved along. Mallory will be off the show now, Daniel being depressed decides to go find Sarah and then it's a love triangle with Daniel, Sarah and Jennie.

  3. and Jack's an accepted video response to this vid...
    anyone need anymore proof of the canonicity (if that's even a word) of Jack???

  4. HAHA, seriously, that love triangle thing is SO true.

    But seriously.. what is with none of the characters refusing to listen to everyone?

  5. Jonas is looking for some quizzes for Emma so she doesn't miss out on too much schooling. See this post in the forum:

  6. I seriously hope there will be an unexpected plot twist, because this Mallory cheating thing is too predictable, expected...and boring, just like Sarah getting brainwashed and joining the order (she's vulnerable, so that was no surprise) and Emma almost dying (too many hints for anyone but the characters in the story to miss). Come on, Creators. Surprise us!


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