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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

Soon to be known as "OFF THE CUFF".........j/k!!!!

Zoey has suggested that this story be called: "If I had Jackson's physique I would never wear a shirt, quite frankly".

(This story was written live during the show and hence it may contain certain factual errors. Over time these will be corrected so for now consider it a "draft". This week the full correction may take 24 hrs so please be patient.)

Tell Me How" by Headboard: Glenn thinks back to his band 10 years ago when he had 'hits" on mp3.com. The other "hit" was the Power Ballad which he compared to Jamie's Got a Gun which also starts mellow and then kicks in.

Tonight: Glenn cannot talk about what is coming up in the next day or so. Originally he hoped to have it up before the show but it still needs a few tweeks. You cannot serve it before its ready. Its a really important video because its setting off what will be a really insane December.

Glenn did not sleep last night so thats how you know he has been making the "magic happen". There were 6 final versions of the Human Ransom. It just takes time to make all this happen.

In Petaluma there are a lot of people who "smoke the weed" and he compared it to Metallica. Glenn would never label himself a Metallica fan because he does not want to associate himself with some of the people who are Metallica fans. It is a stigma. He does not believe in pre-judging people but "we all have our demons' that cause us to associate certain things. Limited experiences that did not work out can lead to people having a chip on their shoulders. Glenn is afraid of the impact of small negative experiences could have on children if he ever had them. That is a lot of pressure.
When you are a Jewish kid in America you have two experiences:
1. every year you have to give a presentation of Hanukkah. This lasts up through junior high.
2. after you have given the presentation every time anything WW2 related is mentioned everyone turns and looks at you.
Tease: what Lonelygirl15 video did Glenn write that was actually an homage to American History X?

Answer: "Watch This"
- cf when Edward Norton is freaking out.
- Glenn wishes he could have directed it. Jackson is an intense guy. Interrogation 101 had just been shot. When he wrote "Watch This" he wanted to give Jackson an intense scene.
- Glenn would drive form Petaluma to LA to shoot a video and in some cases he had to drive back that might.
- "Watch This" was the last video shot before Jessica went off to shoot Perfect Sport.
- Jonas going out to confront the watcher was ill conceived for all the wrong reasons.
- fleshing out the "Free Will" issues where the watchers would not harm Bree.

Random facts:

Original idea for Human Ransom. Bree would put a knife to her own throat because the Order could not allow her to be harmed and hence she was able to walk out of there with Daniel.

Glenn wanted the Watchers to have an "original weapon" but Amanda talked them out of using numb chucks.

"In The Clinic" (RedEarth88) was shot in a Synagogue and Glenn's dad made a cameo in the video.

Glenn says that having to get your own breakfast burritos is hard without an assistant.

Tease: What movie was the "Miss Me" trailer a homage to. Clue: it was a great trailer but a shitty movie. If you were to start watching "Miss Me" and the movie trailer you would see the connection. The trailer came out in 1995.

Answer: "Strange Days "

The genesis of the white background was shooting the "Miss Me" video with an overexposed off white background. He showed Yousef the "Strange Days" video. It was improvised and Glenn was very happy to collaborate with him. There was a lot of noise reduction used on the video because otherwise you could hear the rest of the team talking in the other room.

There is not much that is truely original. What is important is that you put your own stamp on things by the way you mix them together. If its well done people will watch. Glenn trys to have something that is unique in its approach and personal to him in the story that is being told.

Question: How well do you know character detail?
Glenn respects Miles, Mesh and Greg for allowing him the opportunity to write so much back story to the characters. In story meetings Glenn would get in arguments because something "would not be something Tachyon would do". Glenn did not think Tachyon would have a "camp". However he did try to be a team player.

Glenn created the characters of Aunt Alex, Sarah and to some extent Taylor so he understands how they would think. When people ask him a question about anyone of his characters he can give a straight answer as to whether or not they would do it. What you see is one thing, but Glenn also thinks of the things 'in between".

Send questions commnent etc. to [email protected]

Played @ Song Title
01:00:35 MC Chris - Fett's Vette (Imperial Mix) Current Song
00:55:58 Patton Oswalt - At Midnight I Will Kill George Lucas With A Shovel
00:52:03 Headboard - See You Around
00:50:02 Brett Anderson (Donnas) - California Sun
00:46:37 MC Lars - Internet Relationships (Are Not Real Relationships)
00:41:39 Beastie Boys v Debbie Gibson - Shake Your Love-Rump (Glenn Rubenstein Train Wreck)
00:35:26 Bruce Springsteen - Born To Run
00:31:56 Bruce McCulloch - Hangover Chronicles
00:07:08 Tsunami Bomb - Lemonade
00:00:28 Celebrities At Their Worst - Casey Kasem
23:57:13 Alien Ant Farm - Movies
23:53:08 Finch - New Beginnings Current Song
23:50:40 High School Musical - Get'cha Head in the Game
23:45:38 dc talk - Jesus Freak
23:41:52 Blood Of Abraham - Niggaz and Jews (Some Say Kike
23:07:22 Headboard - Tell Me How
23:04:06 Kelly Clarkson vs The Pixies - Where U Been Gone (Glenn Rubenstein Remix)


  1. Note : Glenn said "Hesher Assholes" A LOT ... whatever Hesher means :D

  2. Hearing about how Sarah and Aunt Alex were originally his makes me feel pretty bad for the guy, having to leave them behind and all. I'm still anticipating when he explains what went down back when they parted ways though.


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