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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Google to tackle Wikipedia with new knowledge service

"A new Google service, dubbed knol, will invite “people who know a particular subject to write an authoritative article about it”, Udi Manber, a Google engineer, said."


Earlier this week, we started inviting a selected group of people to try a new, free tool that we are calling "knol", which stands for a unit of knowledge


From Wikipedia:

"Knol is a website planned by Google for user-generated articles on topics ranging from "scientific concepts, to medical information, from geographical and historical, to entertainment, from product information, to how-to-fix-it instructions." It was announced on December 13, 2007. Knol pages are "meant to be the first thing someone who searches for this topic for the first time will want to read", according to Udi Manber, a Vice President of Engineering at Google. The term knol, which stands for a "unit of knowledge", refers to both the project and an instance of article in the project. The site has been widely seen as Google's attempt to compete against Wikipedia."

Knol on Wikipedia.


  1. What the hell does this have to do with LG15? There's too much random junk on this site.

  2. The role of LGPedia is central to LG15.com. The concept of authoritative authors is a different approach and some people like to keep up with current trends.

    As always if you would like to write original content relevant to the video stories then please sign up as an author for the blog by sending an author request to [email protected] The blog is only as good as the contend YOU create.

  3. As far as I know, LG15 Today has never explicitly defined a range of material that 'belongs' or doesn't to this site, and I think that's a good thing.

    The tag line from the beginning has been 'Fast Breaking News Direct From The Breeniverse' and over time, that topic has continued to evolve to include humor, just about any original creation by a fan, and a myriad of topics related to online communication, media, and storytelling.

    And yes, after 2600+ articles, with 40 to 100 a week, we are going to get some that are less directly tied to the original LG15 series than other. I read all of them.

    I say keep up the good and crazy work!

  4. I can accept all the LG15 spin-off news and even stuff about other things like Quarterlife, Hammer Horror on MySpace and coverage of the Writers' Strike...BUT I just think this particular article is really irrelevant. Just because of the LGPedia you should write about Wikipedia/Google news? How is that ANYTHING to do with the Breeniverse? It just pushes more relevant articles off the front page so casual visitors have more irrelevant stuff to sift through.

    It's like LG15 Today is becoming a dumping ground for whatever tenuously-related articles its members want to post.

  5. anony, thank you for posting your concern.

    I would suggest a feedreader, and the one I use can be found here: http://www.feedreader.com/

    RSS is great. You will no longer have to just come to the site and sift. All posts, and if you also grab the comment feed, all comments will be delivered to you. In fact, the right feeds will notify you when any youtube user has posted a video. It will make coming to this site and others much more managable.

    I am notified immediately whenever anyone in my favorite series, redearth88, has posted a video. I am notified of all posts and comments here. My GMAIL comes straight to my RSS Reader. I also have an RSS feed for multiple youtube tags, so if someone tags a video with "redearth88" for example, I am notified. RSS if really powerful for time management, and I don't go around to a bunch of sites to get content, a lot of it comes to me. You should look into it.

    This is especially true if you follow mutliple blogs and other RSS resources. I have interests in politics, sports, etc, and I follow a lot of stuff online. This brings it all to me. You really ought to try it.

  6. In Glenn's radio show last week he mentioned the importance of research. Wikipedia is a tool that many of us use on a regular basis to research topics. A few weeks ago he directed fans to look up Red Earth on Wikipedia.

    Wikipedia plays a central role in all the shows in the Universe. The google approach to a wiki is interesting and the article was posted knowing most users need resources like Wikipedia. This is not just a small step for google......its a major move and one fans should be aware of.

    The site is about breaking news and we always try and maintain all current articles on the home page. Sometimes this is done by adjusting the number of posts on the home page, sometimes it done by adding key links at the top. Hence, we are very aware of the need to give exposure to key articles on the home page.

    We also read comments and take them in to consideration.

  7. Does Knol have an entry for Wikipedia?

  8. I just hope Google finds an expert that knows how to spell knowledge.

  9. I wish i could get in on the test.

    Joe, the real question is who is going to be their expert on the 436. I think you are going have to step up.

  10. Modelmotion,
    That was actually the first thing I thought about. Since Wikipedia rudely took out my addition to their 436 page and told me my ip address was recorded and I would never be allowed to edit another page again. I'm hoping knol will be more open minded.

  11. Banned from Wikipedia? Wow, they must really not believe in things that don't exist over there.


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