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Friday, December 14, 2007

Free Love - Sarah (LG15)

????????????? - Sarah


  1. Crap somebody get her out of there, She's going all HoO.

  2. That was a really good script! She really explained the eternal song in a not so hokey way. The only think I don't buy is that Sarah would find her eternal song.

  3. I swear to you, if she starts doing HoO promo vids like Bree did, I'm going to punch someone in the face. HARD.

  4. Get your punching arm ready Konstantine. I'm thinking that's a likely scenerio to happen.

    I'm just wondering if it will happen before or after the video where Daniel shows up and tries to get her to leave and she refuses.

    ~M is Me

  5. but why is the video called 'free love'?

  6. Probably because the Hymn of One and the "Song Circle" is very hippie-ish.

  7. I see a HoO promo video star...

  8. I thought maybe "free love" was kind of a play on the song "freebird" she mentioned, but yeah, "free love" is a throwback term to an earlier time... 60's 70's.

  9. Hmmmm, small observations:
    The description has 13 question marks ?????????????, which could be random or could be a fill-in-the-blank puzzle like "myeternalsong" (she does conclude "my eternal song is real")

    There are cars driving by somewhere off-camera in the background.

    There is some kind of empty bottle on the ground behind her clearly in the frame when she is hearing her eternal song.

    She met Jenny in the mess tent for cornflakes and coffee before the circle meeting - maybe some kind of drug was slipped to her. Bree certainly was crazy for awhile after returning from HOO camp - missing her eternal fix?


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