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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Maddison Thursday on BreeFM!

Hey everybody!

Big broadcast day today at BreeFM! It is Marla's last show as well as Jeromy's, but Jeromy's got something awesome planned!

"Faye Austin, Jason Zednick and April Rickman maybe Tonight at 7 PM I'll have the actors who played Maddison and Adam on my show. I'm trying to track April down too, so she's not confirmed. Both Jason and Faye will be there for sure. As I announced last week, I'm due to duck behind the curtain for some serious lock down, so this is my last show before all that goes down. Should be fun. See you tonight!
- Jeromy"

DJ MicFranXon @ 4pm - Sarcasm, rants, comedy and BreeFM updates.
DJ Maya @ 6pm - Being hazed by jeromy and other in studio guests.
DJ Jeromy @ 7pm - Guests Faye Austin (Maddison Atkins),
Jason Zednick (Adam) and April Rickman (Clara Stokes)

DJ HonkyKong (Adam Lamar) @ 8pm - Unbarred, Uncensored, Under the Influence. Period.
DJ Pill @ 9pm - Sexy voice, good music, really really sexy voice.

All times are Pacific. Jump into our chat and be sure to tune in!


  1. soemone please record jermoys show for us who wont able to listen... pretty please ?

  2. I'm going to miss Jason!? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! He is my favorite! Yes, please please record it. And someone pass on my love to him.

  3. will do jenni - and i think i'll be recording this one too :)

  4. youwish asked "anyone tape it then =) ?"

    I'm not sure about MicFranXon - he may have slept through the show and is off to L.A. for the weekend.

    I have a few short sound-bites.

    Maybe Marla has the entire show?


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