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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Rebound Action - Daniel (LG15)

I really miss Sarah right now. - Daniel

I Am Not A Shipwright by Ancient Free Gardeners


  1. I'm really, really, really sick of Daniel being the whipping boy of LG15. And I know I'm in a minority when it comes to hating Sarah. I never thought she served any purpose in the series at all. And her recent involvement with HoO after ALL she's seen just proves that she doesn't think about anything or anyone but herself (if she actually thinks at all).

  2. Of course Daniel really needs to talk to Sarah. That way we can get a video of Daniel in Mexico and having there be a love triangle between him, Sarah and Jennie.

  3. Those are the words a girl wants to hear ... "You know what, screw this." Probably the right move, but then ... he calls Sarah. ugh.

    Well, I guess someone has to go try to rescue her, and this gives DB a reason. And when she doesn't want to leave the HOO, this we could get another kidnapping just in time for Christmas! so yay.

  4. Saint Sarah? I never understood the love. Disheartening to see a selfish, dumb, screwup held up as a model of a strong woman.

  5. he better sue the lullaby project !

  6. Why is Sarah still around? She joined these guys in the first place because she was bored in Texas and was sick of watching her Mom self-destruct. She barely knew Bree and basically never cared about her. She's sabotaged missions, "accidentally" destroyed clues, delayed rescue attempts. She has no real reason to keep being in this story. Her "love" of Daniel? Yeah... mocking him online, bitching to him about his friendship with Bree, trying to blow up his relationship with Mallory. ENOUGH ALREADY! LEAVE HER IN THE DAMN DESERT!

  7. But she's changed!!
    Yeah right, she could be roasting puppys in the desert and they would be all...but Sarah's hungry!

  8. What is Daniel doing with "The Evil"? I'm talking about the Orange.

  9. I wonder if there are any interesting photos tucked into those shots of Sarah's board. I see these things and wonder who might be hiding a clue. Also, it's a completely different board than the one on her door when we first met her. And no pictures of Taylor. I'm bored, guess I'm looking for something in nothing. They haven't been giving us many hidden clues lately and I'm going through withdrawal. :}


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