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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hot for Teacher - Daniel (LG15)

don't even know what to say. - Daniel


  1. Dear Creators,

    This video creates two choices. One is what we saw is real. In that case you have dragged out an obvious conclusion to something you have in no subtle way beat us over the head with for a month now. That is bad writing and a waste of our time.

    The second choice is to have Mallory show Daniel that what he saw was a scene from the movie. This is also bad writing. It is flies in the face of all the facts we know up to know and comes across as a "We fooled you, ha ha!" answer.

    Hopefully you went with option 1 at least because then maybe you can just move on and get a better storyline going. If you go with option 2, it's just a bad sitcom situation.

  2. I have to agree with the second comment. Both options suck and is just poor writing no matter which one it is. If there is a third option, it will most likely contain so many plot holes to make it completely unbelievable. Which will result in comment after comment of how it makes no sense. The creators will then tell us we have to suspend our disbelief... blah blah, blah. Give us a break. Take a few weeks off, or months, take as long as you need. Just come back with something good and worth watching.

  3. He's gonna drink next.

  4. who seen that coming 8-)

    It was like a early90s-teen-drama stereotype, with the flowers and the DANIEL WAIT

  5. Oh lord this was bad.

    Makes me long for the days that Glenn's commitment to telling a good story benefitted Lonely Girl.

    This episode further proves how far lg15 has fallen since he's been gone.

  6. Hey 3rd anonymous, this is 2nd anonymous. hmm, maybe I should really start sigining my comments. Anyways, thanks for agreeing with me. Will the creators even do what you say about us needing to "suspend our disbelief?" I remember a time when the creators interacted a lot more with us. When what we said shaped the show and how we had a real voice.

    Maybe they are doing it some place I am not aware of but I can't remember the last time I saw a creator listen to us and have a back and forth conversation about what we like/dislike.

    I'm not a smart guy. I'm not much of a writer. When I can see plot holes you could drive a truck through and story points that just fall flat coming from a mile away, I wonder if the creators are just calling it in now? maybe taking ideas from slips of paper out of a hat?

    ~M is Me

  7. I agree with Anony #4

  8. Hey, I'm #4. Thanks #7!


    Next vid. (after Jonas playing doctor or teacher with his little sis). Drunk Daniel. Maybe he'll head to London and hang with crazy Gav (who is creeping me out right now - and he was so adorable before). Please PLEASE don't put Daniel in tighty whities with a bottle of Jack. We've already seen too much. We don't deserve this.

  9. There are some people who don't like it that you can post comments anonymously, but I do. It's like listening to someone with multiple personalities talking to themselves.

  10. Pick some kind of alias and sign comments as much as possible. It's not funny - it's just confusing, reducing the coherency and usefulness of the conversation developing here.

    The main reason for keeping the 'anonymous' option alive on this blog is as a convenience for those who don't want to sign up for blogger just to post a comment - and to allow tidbits of anonymous info. to be posted when appropriate. We learn some useful things this way.

    If it was just up to me, I would turn the option off, at least for awhile, to encourage regular comment posters to go ahead and sign into blogger. It's no big deal.


  11. i wish some of anonymouses here would pick up handles, just because you guys/gals have interesting things to say. but the freedom to be anonymous is nice.

    now to the video
    I WAS SHOCKED! i could have never never ever ever thought that would happen!

    the conjugal visit wasn't daniels!

  12. In watching the video, betrayals suck, and this one seems a little pointless and unsubtle in terms of the story... not really in keeping with Mallory's character who seemed more sensible than that previously. She has not seemed the self-destructive or insecure type up to now. But I guess betrayals are supposed to be out-of-character actions.

    Given Mallory's reaction at the end of this video, I don't think this was just a scene from a movie, and even if it was, that wouldn't be an appropriate way for a teacher to interact with a student, even a young adult student.

    Daniel has had the worst luck with women. I just hope this doesn't mean he goes back to Sarah. uggg.

    Will this lead to Mallory's exit from the story? Or does she become a more independent character like Sarah has been? Either of those would be better than an extended teen-drama.

    I liked Mallory with Daniel, so this is not a story turn I would have choosen... I think it would have been more interesting to just let them function as a couple dealing with regular stuff and the constant pressure of fighting the Order, etc.

  13. I thought Daniel's blogging in this video was well done - he's become very comfortable with the format.

  14. this is ridiculous, will all the anonymous' please stand up! ......yeah thought so. Okay, now back to this video, which is also ridiculous. Honestly, do they really want us to stick around after this? I don't find reason to, hell I don't even know why I myself am still here, stupidity maybe??? Yeah, probably. They need to get their SH*& together, because at this point they are just throwing *things* against the wall and waiting to see if it sticks. I honestly don't care how long it takes for them to come back with a good story, as long as one emerges eventually!!!!! They should stop writing a storyline that my 4 year old cousin could write in his sleep , I think it is time i end this comment, well because the more I type, the angrier I get........here is my message to the C's: GET YOUR SH^* TOGETHER!!!!! please!!!!!!! for our sake and yours!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HURRY UP!!
    that is all, and to add to the chaos, I myself will sign as anonymous.......why?? because I enjoy creating chaos ;)

  15. I love how at 1:50 DB whispers... "Fuck me" as he sees Mallory kiss DelMundano... LoL

  16. LOL its sad that you actually noticed that HAHA, but you know i totally went back to watch the video just to hear him say it LULZ

  17. Maybe it was a fake ceremony.

  18. I came back a few weeks ago to check things out after taking several months off after the frustrating end to season 1.

    With this video I officially regret wasting my time with this series, which lost its way months ago. Bad writing, poor acting, no Jess. Sigh. At least we have access to the original Bree-in-her-room videos, which were gems.

    Anyway, 'bye again.

  19. I agree with practically every comment thus far.

    This is BAD.

    I know everyone keeps threatening to leave, but apparently I'm a glutton for punishment or I'm OCD or something, and I just can't seem to avoid clicking back to this site ... even when it's BAD like this.


    I've never liked the "Mal" character, or the fact that Daniel CALLS her that ... "mal" is a prefix usuaully attached to words and meaning the following:

    1) Bad; badly: malpractice.
    2) Abnormal; abnormally: malformation.
    3) A disease or disorder

    Don't even start me on the acronyms it could stand for.

    In retrospect, maybe this character was very appropriately named. As soon as we all saw it, maybe we should've seen it sooner. Like, from the very beginning.

    If this is the end of her, I'm glad. I never liked her acting, or the way she shakes her head back and forth while she's talking for no apparent reason like she suffers from Parkinson's or something.

    Daniel, I'm only going to say this so many times, after so many girls, and then I'll be recinding my offer:

    I'll never hurt you the way these girls have. You should drop me a line some time. ;) Say the word baby, and I'm there for you. Mallory and all the rest were stupid, selfish morons.

    WHEN Mallory catches up with you and claims that Del Mundo is in The Order and she was just working the long con on him, throw whatever the nearest liquid is in her face and run as fast as you can, because it'll all be lies, and you know it.

  20. PS:

    My favorite two acronyms for MAL:



    Main(tenance) Access Line

    She's a member of the order who is not actively involved for the minute because she is "undercover" with the Beast, and is the order's main access line to him and his group of friends, inserted there to distract, destroy, gather intel, etc etc etc.

    Wake up.

  21. "HAMmy said... LOL its sad that you actually noticed that HAHA, but you know i totally went back to watch the video just to hear him say it LULZ"

    eek. me too!


    and to kill the "it was a scene" theory. if it was a "scene," she would just yell out "we're filming!" instead of just "daniel, wait"

  22. You know what I find ridiculous? The way this video has nothing to do with Glenn and yet people are actually talking about him. He certainly seems more competent at writing than some of LG15's writers but my guess is that if he hadn't had that controversy surrounding him he'd still be a part of LG15. Don't blame the "Creators" for doing something they had to do. Glenn is gone from LG15. Get over it.

  23. glenn benefits just from being involved in the time period he was. at anchor cove, people frequently credit mesh for anything good. its typical rationalization stuff.

  24. Well, I doubt anyone will view this but I'd like to add that I don't disagree that Glenn was a reason why LG15 used to be better, I just don't like the fact that people believe him to be the only reason it was good. I pretty much enjoyed LG15 until Bree left the second time and everything about my enjoyment of it certainly didn't hinge on Glenn's involvement. I still have dim hopes that the writers will get some sense back and start improving the show, and if Glenn was the only reason it was ever good those hopes are entirely dashed. Plus, the little respect I have for the creators comes from the earlier videos, and not all of them were good because of OPAPHID.


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