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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jeromy, Maya vs. Marla, Adam Lamar, Curtains, etc. on Bree FM

Jeromy and Maya (who plays Marla in the Maddison Atkins story) answered some questions tonight from fans listening to their BreeFM broadcasts. I did not take careful notes, so what follows is my paraphrasing roughly - subject to corrections by others... please add comments to this article to improve it.

Jeromy talked about the discussion he started on the 12th Street House blog posting 2 Week Notice Almost, stressing that he likes being a part of the community but feels his role as Maddison Atkins storyteller will be best served by him stepping 'behind the curtain' allowing him to focus on producing the story, and fans to focus on the story rather than the teller. He also stated that the story can be strongly influenced by how fans interact with it, and that he does not want to cheat the story by bypassing fans interactions with hints/guidance, etc. through side channels. Jeromy wants to preserve the story's integrity and not "shill."

Maya addressed the idea that the character "Marla" uses the handle "Marla Singer" but that is not her actual last name in-story. She is Marla "something else." This is also explained in recently added notes on LGPedia on the Marla Singer? page. Maya will go behind the curtain soon too as discussed here on 12th Street blog article My Schizophrenia. Regarding what is "fair game" for fans to investigate, Marla is a character based on Maya, but Maya's personal life other than very general description ('from Canada, lived in Seattle, moved recently to Nacogdoches, TX') prior to entering this story are out of bounds, and should not be considered a part of the Maddison Atkins story.

Or as I would put it, Maya is a person. Marla is a character. Act accordingly.

Is DJ Dan canon now that Marla mentioned him in a maddisonatkins channel video?
Per Maya: Everyone is canon. Per Jeromy: you are all characters in the story to the extent you want to get involved in it.

Jeromy: This is a new medium, and we are experimenting with the blurry line between story and reality. It's not television, and it's not Lonelygirl15.

Should we anticipate a big finale at the end of Ch. 2, or is that up to fans to define?
Jeromy: It's a continuous story. There will be exciting times and slow times. I'm not going to say there will be a big Ch. 2 finale on December 12th. Something about Organic. Something about being fine with waiting forever for us to figure out who the heck Mr. Zipp is.

Per Maya: Wolf Creek guy (who is sitting where Adam Lamar's Christmas tree used to be before it was moved to Vegas) is not product placement. He's just Adam Lamar weirdness.

Jeromy does not plan to continue to DJ on BreeFM after next week, but there will still be some music from Nacogdoches. Adam Lamar and Marla may or may not DJ, to be determined.

Duke Johnson was a guest on Adam Lamar's show. We saw Duke in this video from the Maddison Atkins story: Duke Johnson in July. Maya seems to be calling Duke "B-Mac" on the air, but I'm not sure why.

Vicki is cool. Jeromy says he is cool, but Vicki really is cool.

Things got a little weird during Adam's show, but that's normal late at night. And I'm done taking notes. If you want more info. post a comment or get yourself over to Bree.FM and tune in!

~ QtheC


  1. Duke Johnson (http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Duke_Johnson_%28character%29) is a character played by Brian "B-Mac" Christopher (http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Brian_%22B-Mac%22_Christopher).

  2. Jeromy says we are all characters. I'm not so sure about that.

    Test 1: pinch yourself. If you felt that, you are a person, not a character in Jeromy's story.

    Test 2: Let Jeromy leave you for dead next to a creek in Nacogdoches. If Jeromy goes to jail, you are a real person. If not, you are probably a character in Jeromy's story.

  3. thanks for the summary Q that was great.

    I think you could go into how adam lamar and marla are handling their situations in a totally different way and that we need to just flow with the perception rather than trying to put things in defined boxes.

  4. "being fine with waiting forever for us to figure out who the heck Mr. Zipp is"

    You wanna know why? Because HE hasn't even decided who the hell Mr Zipp is. During Madison Atkins chapter 1 Mr Zipp was going to be his connection to the LG15 series, when that fell through he had to work himself out of a corner and re-write a lot of elements of his story.

    Why is this wrong?

    Because he wont admit it, and blames other people for not finding anything on the wild goose chases they have been through to uncover Mr Zipps identity. Glenn Rubenstein at least came out said that the LG15 connections to Tachyon and OpAphid are no longer part of their story, that things are taking a new turn.

    Stop blaming the fans for not 'getting it' when in reality you aren't giving them anything to help them 'get it.'

    (and stop using the curtain as an excuse for things not getting done, or your characters fickleness, or fans not solving clues that aren't there. Man the fuck up and take responsibility for the downtime and filler direction that your story is taking.)

  5. Hey anonymous. These are some reasonable conclusions given the things you know and the things you assume to know.

    Respectfully, it's been long decided who Mr. Zipp is. Is it discoverable right now? I'm not gonna say. That's an IG discovery for the audience to make.

    I'm not sure what you want me to admit that Glenn has admitted already.

    I'm not using the curtain to justify your assumed conclusion that things are not getting stuff done. I'm not sure why that's your conclusion (maybe I misspoke that statement), but stuff *is* getting done. Albeit, not at the same pace or in the same way as Maddison did in April, and there are OOG reasons for this different pace. Some reasons I've spoken about (running a business and ironing out collaboration), and some reasons I feel it not appropriate to speak about. All in all I hope you can see that there is movement, and I think that "filler" or what I call character development is an important part of it all.

    Overall, I think your frustrations *should* be voiced. Keep voicing them, and hopefully, you'll have the confidence to voice them non-anonymously cause I think you probably represent what a lot of folks are thinking.

    In time, I hope to win back those that are frustrated like you by the content of the story and not a dialog between the fans and myself.


  6. Im patiently waiting for the story to finally start chugging along before i voice my opinion, but high expectations have been made for the return, i worry about expecting too much that when it finally gets moving ill be dissapointed. Just like when it returned after Rachels dissapperence nothing significant happened and was kinda dissapointing. Another dissapointment could be alienating, mabye ?


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