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Friday, December 14, 2007

I Need Help - Jack (watchyourjack)

It happened again!


  1. This semi-confirms my theory that whatweird.com and the Jack videos will go hand in hand.

    Also Suzie posts Jack's video on the main page within minutes of the vid going up.

    Exciting time for the not-yet confirmed new series set in the LG15-iverse.

  2. I am Jack's disappointment that this might be canon.

  3. Personally I have found that I can not judge a character or new series (lg15 or katemodern style that is) on the first few vlogs. I didn't like Daniel, Jonas, or Taylor at first. Now I cant imagine this series with out them. I also didn't like Charlie in KM, or Rachel on Redearth at first. Now I love them.
    Vloging is really hard to do for an actor. But they seem to get so much better as they relax into their character. (ie: Watch Jackson Davis in the first Jonas vlog and compare it to his vlog yesterday.)
    ugh. its late and I'm babbling. But I'm going to give watchyourjack a chance. Even in this last one you can see how much better the actor is with the element of his mothers voice.
    I know .. i don't know jack.

  4. Interested to see where they are heading with this.

    I would prefer teleporation to the trite (and fairly nonsensical) Order storyline.

  5. My take on this is that Jack is just a kid who gets picked on a lot and had an active imagination. Maybe he really is suffering from blackouts for some reason as well, but that doesn't explain how he gets home unless he has multiple personalities or something.

    There will likely be a trait positive girl connected to Jack somehow - sister or friend perhaps. Or maybe someone he will meet through whatweird.com

    I think his role from a creative point of view is to appeal to a younger demographic.


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