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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Kate Positive - Kate (KM)

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This is a message for everyone who’s concerned about me. I’m okay. Better than ever in fact.


  1. OK so its obviously not Tachyon who's come to Kate's aid... who could it be? any ideas anyone? (I'm hoping its Sonia!)

  2. Just a wild theory... if Michelle is a rouge elder (jumping the cue to get some blood) would Lucy be there to sort her out?

  3. HUmmmmmmm.....I am pretty sure they cloned Bree's ribozyme gene into the sheep at the HoO Farm......so Michelle should just head out there.......

    just saying....

  4. well lucy appeared for a good reason in the last vid so it well could b her, i dont think the c's would throw lucy in for no good reason

  5. it wasn't lucy!!!!! yeesh. the c's have said repeatedly that lg15 and km are going to stay seperate.

  6. *reads article below*. okay...so MAYBE it is lucy after all. not sure if i really believe that it's her or not, but if so then i stand corrected and apologize, but i am just pretty sick of hearing lucy cuz i don't think she's so special.

  7. It could be Taylor - that would be interesting... but maybe more likely it's the girl that was voted to continue with Kate Modern - Tariq's new girlfriend helping his old girlfriend?

  8. What was that sound at 1:13?

  9. The sound at 1:13 occurs right when whoever is with kate touches her on the shoulder.


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