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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quarterlife - Part 9 "Compromise"

"Compromise" - Debra and Danny continue their search for an apartment; questions arise about their level of commitment. Dylan encounters a moral
conundrum at work.


  1. okay, so i started to watch, then my internet died, ........and i got happy LOL is that totally wrong or what???? HAHAHAHAH

  2. I lost alot of respect once I found out this is supposed to take place in Chicago...
    first off... there's not a whole lot of palm trees here...
    second... it's EFFING SNOWING HERE NONSTOP!!! yet no one is wearing a coat in QL.
    Why didn't they just admit they're in L.A.??????????

  3. lol awww poor hope, you having an stroke or what??? LOL

  4. Quarterlife: a low budget TV show with a social networking wegsite.

    It *may* end up modestly financially successful because expenses are not that high compared to regular TV production budgets. But I don't think it is going to be be close to as big as a popular television series like Greys Anatomy.

    One question is, what happens to the website if they decide at some point to end the initial show - will it become a sort of online television network that goes on to produce a number of other shows? This is kind of what lg15.com is trying to do, right?

    I like this low-budget programming approach - kind of opens things up.

  5. wegsite... I've no idea. Just a typo, not some new catchy web lingo.


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