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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Share My Sleeping Bag - Sarah (LG15)

I'm off by myself, on retreat. - Sarah

Share My Sleeping Bag - Sarah on LGPedia.

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  1. I like this video, a lot of people who join cults do so because they feel something is missing from their lives, its interesting to see how Sarah is slowly getting sucked in to the HoO.

  2. This video is good for showing the other side, the people who are in the Ho0. It shows that they are not deluded they are just people looking for more meaning to their lives.

    I don't think Sarah is getting sucked into the Ho0, i think that what she is doing is good for her. She is reflecting she is finding purpose, before she did not know where she fits in, in this world.

  3. HOO coffee gives you that calm peaceful feeling, in between dangerous experimentation on pregnant women in attempts to create eternal life for Order vampire elders.

  4. i liked this video too, its alot more sensible and not as .... whats the word....pissy ? as the previous vids from sarah.

    Its abit like one of brees more emotional blogs i think.

  5. Who is in love with that song right now? I am!

  6. Creators...can we please stop with the pervy video titles? Enough is enough. I mean...what did that video even have to do with sleeping bags?! Oy.


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