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Saturday, December 29, 2007

What is celebrity?

Like Charlie Brookers view on "a career in media" that I posted a few weeks ago, this isnt exactly Breeniverse related but it is very funny and thought provoking and I wanted to share it with you guys. It is taken from the BBC program "Extras" starring Ricky Gervais (which I hope if it isnt already will soon be shown in the States as it is brilliant).
Andy, now a C-list celebrity agrees to appear in Celebrity Big Brother to boost his profile. While in there he has a realisation about just what celebrity means in this day and age. Enjoy and happy new year! Love GF xx


  1. I think they need to take a field trip to the HoO Farm.......

  2. Extras Christmass Special ...which aired days after christmass..... was great =D

  3. i love extras!!! :)

  4. ricky gervais is the bomb! i like extras but loved the office!!

  5. We have Extras in the US, it's on HBO and hilarious. I use to also watch Coupling but I guess the show was canceled because I haven't seen a new episode since Steve and Susan had the baby.

  6. This is definately on in the U.S because the english version I watched boxing day was slightly more...UK referencing, for instance he didn't say "ryan seacrest" whoever that is, he said ruby wax, and he didn't say american idol he said the x factor ha... oh I love extras, almost as good as the office x


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