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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Being Stalked - Mallory (LG15)

I know you've got more important things to do like rescuing Sarah, but I didn't know who else to turn to. - Mallory

Being Stalked - Mallory (LG15) on LGPedia.

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  1. Thats pretty much the most terrifying thing ever.

    Even though it has very little to do with the current plot (or does it) I really really liked this video.

  2. I agree with keri, I liked the video even though it doesn't really have anything to do with the main plot.

    Actually I think this is the first Mallory video that I didn't find annoying... in her other videos she came across to me as fake but she seemed more real in this one.

  3. It's funny I was explaining the lg15 storyline to a friend of mine and Mallory didn't come up once and nothing was missing from the main story.

  4. oo interesting twist! i agree with posts before me, i really liked this vid.. definately didnt see it coming!

  5. So Mallory is attempting to compete with Sarah in the "damsel in distress" category. Pathetic.

    The guy is her teacher. All she would have t do is go to school officials, show them this tape and Daniel catching them together on tape. Not only will the school get rid of the guy, they'd support her when she would go to the police about it.

    California has pretty strict anti-stalking legislation.

    The only way I can see any sense to this video and Mallory's actions would be that it is a ploy to get Daniel away from the Lullaby Project; ie Mal and Delmundo are working for the Order. Which btw would suck since everyone else seems to have ties to the Order too.

  6. The countdown at the beginning of the Del Mundo stalking footage appears to be in base 3
    from '00022' (8)
    down to '00000' (0).

    There may be a puzzle in the time stamps?

    Also, it seems telling that she is sitting on Daniel's bed making this video, and is that a picture of Mallory and Daniel behind her? (If so, did Daniel keep it, or is Mallory decorating?)

    Theory 1: Mallory is the stalker and Del Mundo is being framed.

    Theory 2: Mallory was Daniel-bait for the Order, but she screwed up by being caught with Delmundo, and they are now forcing her to try a new ploy ... meanwhile she has developed some real sympathy for Daniel and is sending a secret code in the timestamps to indicate a warning.

    My preference? The crazier Mallory gets, the better.

  7. ah yes, the professor with the foreign last name turns out to be not only a don juan type who enjoys seducing his own young students but also a stalker, a scary criminal sicko that's a threat to american society.
    stereotyping much?

    (*but did you notice there's nothing--besides what mallory says--that proves that the video was made by del mundo? but if it was, then my other comment still applies!)

  8. i think i missed something.. how does she know delmundo is the one who made the video?

  9. The video has timestamps, and Mallory should know whether they are reasonably accurate (the times she went to the grocery and book store).

    Perhaps Delmundo has an alibi for those times?

  10. What if Daniel made the video. He's the one who stalked Bree when she first started to prepare for the ceremony. And he does have experience breaking into people's homes.


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