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Thursday, January 3, 2008

My Sexy Geek

"So I whipped up my own entry and I hope you like it."- Greg

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  1. I think if the fans had access to better pictures in the first place they could do amazing stuff.

    Why don't you take more pictures and give fans a selection to work with through LGPedia?

  2. Awesome Greg! That is MUCH better than my attempt. I wish there were some way for me to remove mine...

  3. Modelmotion, that is exactly what we have planned. This picture, along with a several others, will be made public very soon. We're working closely with Zoey to make sure everyone has access to these pictures. Thanks! Now Zoey, take that ridiculous picture of me off of the lgpedia lol *wink.

  4. *singing* Lucy's got aaa gun...

  5. Interesting back story to this picture. Greg forgot to buy Amanda flowers for their anniversary. Obviously she had no choice but to pop a cap in his ass ensuring he would never forget again. This occurred during the filming of a LG15 video and the incident was caught on camera.

  6. Does that mean that there are pixs on the way that don't make poor Daniel look like a convict?


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