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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bloodlines: Part 1 - Jonas (LG15)

We left San Francisco and have been driving for a while. You'll never believe what happened next.

Bloodlines: Part 1 - Jonas on LGPedia.

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  1. Poor Virgil.

    I like that TAAG is being aggressive and tracked them. I hope this continues.

  2. Jonas, are u sure TJ was there? We were not able to confirm that. Did you see him in person?

  3. TJ was not there, but insists he was. In chat his "Roomate" (using his nickname) claimed he had just gotten to Los Angeles half an hour before the event started, which means it would have taken him 6-8 hours to get to San Fransisco.

    The word Bullshit comes to mind, but what else would you expect with TJ Marsh?

  4. Why does nobody ever shoot Jonas and Daniel?
    The bad guys obviously have no problems pulling a trigger. Why do they always hesitate with these two?
    Lucy lets them go at one point and the next she's wandering around SF with photographs looking for them. What the hell?
    I tell ya, if these were real bad guys with real guns those boys and girls would've been dead a long time ago.

  5. I agree anonymous... second anonymous... but then we wouldn't have a show!
    It's the James Bond syndrome brought up in Austin Powers... why leave your foe to die an elaborate death when you can just put a bullet in their brain???
    But I have a theory... that Jonas is somehow important to the Order... they let him exist. There's SOME reason to it!
    And as for TJ's shoutout... I think that they filmed this a couple weeks ago... perhaps they recorded that dialogue before the event too...
    Or maybe... TJ was the one that took Greg Gallows picture with Lucy!!! He has after all showed his prowess when it comes to fighting the Order.

  6. You all do realize that this makes Greg Gallows a double-agent.

    He helped Jonas and Daniel set the GPS tap on Lucy's ride.

  7. TJ fakes himself into a canon mention. priceless - they probably took the list from the lgpedia and did a last minute voiceocver. We all know he wasn't there.

    At least xwestsidex didn't get a shoutout.

  8. I knewww it!! HA!!!! i kneww it!!!!!

  9. hOMG, Aleister Crowley comes back! =O

    That's one plot hole that has escaped the 436!!!

    I think I might be more excited about that than I am about the rest of this video, which is strange xD

  10. TJ was there and he arrived there during interviews.

    Many cast members seen him. so he got a shout out!

    I had a blast!


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