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Friday, January 25, 2008


Virgil was one of the Hymn of One's Watchers. He was present at the fake Ceremony, but given that this was his only appearance in Bree's times, one can assume he wasn't assigned to protect Bree. He was, however, the primary Watcher concerned with Emma's well-being, frequently seen fighting whomever he considered the greatest danger to her at that moment.
Virgil was notable for the special relationship he had to Jonas and the TAAG: In the woods, he revealed to Jonas Claire's true identity, what was going on behind the scenes, and what a horrible mistake Jonas had made in trusting Claire. He also spared the TAAG's life and fought the rogue Elder and his Shadow by their side. Suprisingly enough Virgil allowed Emma leave with TAAG, even though he was clearly in control of the situation. On the other hand, he was seen threatening and hunting the gang multiple times.
While people initially just assumed he was helping the gang because he knew Jonas would do everything he could to protect Emma, thus making Virgil's own job easier, the events of Bloodlines: Part 1 suggest that he actually did switch sides, and wanted Emma to live and be free.


Virgil first appeared at the Fake Ceremony, but only in the distance, without being specially noted. His first real encounter with the TAAG was when Jonas and Sarah were staking out Carl and Sonia, quickly followed by them running like hell. The next time they saw him basically played out the same way, with the TAAG trying to stalk the Ceremony Baby, being discovered by Virgil, and then being chased by him. Virgil seemed to have met his maker after Claire shot him in the woods when Jonas brought Emma to her, but he returned as soon as Claire was gone (with Emma), very upset about what Jonas had done. He explained to Jonas how he had been set up, and that the rogue Elder and Claire were even worse than the Order, leading to Jonas trying to get Emma back. Although at first it seemed like Virgil was the enemy once more, with him chasing the TAAG through the streets again, in the end it was he who saved their lives and let them all go to safety. Virgil appeared next in Bloodlines: Part 1, where he was apparently supposed to meet Jonas and Daniel at William Porter's house. Unfortunately, his cover seems to have been blown, and a few minutes later, he was shot by another Watcher.

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How do you feel about Virgil's apparent death. Did he have it coming, or do you feel bad for him? Are you sure he is dead?


  1. Virgil's death was... pointless.

    I hope he pulls a Buffy.

  2. RIP Virgil.I hope you're not dead after all.

  3. Long live virgil! he is one of the only reasons Emma is still alive. I am hoping he was only hit in the shoulder and he still saves the day.

  4. I hope he's not dead so we can find out what his deal was... whose side he was really on. It seemed like there was so much more than we ever got to know...

  5. Maybe he had a bullet proof vest.

  6. He was shot pointblank and fell. And then left behind. I really think he's dead... which is lame because Virgil's character had so much unexplored potential...

  7. since its confirmed by jomas in the 2nd part. Its sad cause he kept Emma alive several times when Jonas messed up now there is no safety net. we can just hope that portwe was the only one who wanted emma and since hes dead she's safe. because losing emma would be devistating, to me at least


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