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Friday, January 25, 2008

Bloodlines: Part 4 - Dr. Hart (LG15)

I've been running around this place for hours. Uploading this video will probably be the last thing I ever do . . . but at least I didn't let them win. - Dr. Hart

This video gives more insight into Bree's origin, exactly one season after she died.

This video also proves that Bree is Gina's sister.

Gina's Russian name sounds like Yevgeny, although that is the masculine form of the name. The feminine form is Yevgeniya.

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  1. gina and bree....
    I hope we get to see more of gina and bree through her.

  2. so now we know where bree came from. pretty good acting in this one. a worthy season finale. the season was so short though!

  3. Holy crap, no one saw that coming. I can't believe it. Bree is Russian.

  4. A sister! Obi-wan was wise to hide her from me!

  5. Does this fit with "a regulatory hyper mutation".


    "2) The gene for said ribozyme has a regulartory hyper mutation that changes with every generation."

  6. OMG. Brought a tear to my eye. This is the best LG15 video EVERS!!! The acting is beautiful..the story amazing.

  7. Dr. Hart.

    I always thought Sean was an amazing actor. Maybe since he's older and more experienced than most ofthe cast... this wa sso impressive.

    And BREE!!!

  8. Great video. Great audio (the buzzing of lights being the only background noise other than the echoing voices). Great acting.

    I want Dr Hart to still be alive. I said it even when he became the "bad guy", I knew he was good, and I adore him.

    The Bree thing gave me goosebumps, even though I saw it coming when he started that story.
    Still, awesome. Very finale worthy.

  9. I do have to say... telling a story about how, as an adult, you meet your future soul mate, and shes 2years old?
    Doesn't help the whole creepy older guy/younger girl vibe.

  10. I thought they said you could only tell if someone was trait positive after they went through puberty.

    When they are young they only show characteristics that show potential and thats why they needed to follow so many babies.

    But now they could tell that Gina and Bree were trait positive when 2 and new born respectively.

    Isn't that inconsistent?

  11. as i said in the comments - i said Gina wasn't going anywhere.

  12. That kind of clears up the odd vibe between Gina and Dr. Hart--he wasn't her dad, but he'd raised her since she was two.

  13. great twist!!! this was worth waiting for.

  14. /me overlooks Modelmotion's plothole because this finale has brought back a high level of quality for the LG15 videos. :)

    Great acting, great camerawork, great story. Just great. :)


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