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Saturday, January 26, 2008


BloodlinesDid anyone get the season 2 finale twist correct?

Finale chat in the offical LG15 chat

Finale chat in the fan run HoO chat

Season 2 Finale blogspot playlist.

Season 2 of Lonelygirl15 is over. It went out with a bang. First the live event in San Francisco and then Bloodlines.

Leave a comment below with your thoughts on season 2, the live event and the finale.


  1. I wish that there had been more buildup in the videos and I wish there were more parts, but I LOVE the twist!! I look forward to when the new season starts with TWO trait positive girls!!

  2. I agree with Anonymous. A bigger build up, a la 12in12 style, would have been incredible. The twist WAS brilliant, though!

  3. These videos were not the original charming Bree blogging in a bedroom at all - LG15 has evolved tremendously, but this four part series shows them hitting their stride in producing action/adventure with storytelling combined.

    The hand-held camera work moves with the action from shot to shot without being distracting or hard to follow - that's not easy to do.

    The audio is consitently good, which is an important detail.

    And the set they found for parts 2, 3, and 4 - the hospital, was fantastic.

    Sean (Dr. Hart's) performance in part 4 was outstanding - complex and nuanced/emotional, and most importantly, he told us a story, moved the plot forward, and it made sense.

    The fan interaction, with the event on Wednesday in San Francisco, and the use of fans in the video, combined with the cameos by Greg, Miles, Amanda gave this some insider/community appeal as well.

    I think this series of videos will appeal to a wider audience, without the need of overly suggestive titles or thumbnails, and we should all go to YouTube, rate all the videos, and comment like mad (especially on Bloodlines Part 1 video), to promote the video on the YouTube honors lists, and bring in the viewers.

    Good work Creators, on this finale series.

  4. I agree with much of what you said, The acting, set, way it was filmed in terms of technical skill, all very great. It was some of the best acting in a long time. The actors and all involved deserve a big congratulations for what they achieved.


    The season finale video #4, no matter how well acted that doesn't have your main actors seems like a mistake to me. They are the characters that hold the show together and to focus on one character, one who by all suggestion is now out of the series is an insult to them.

    Bree and Gina are sister? Wow awesome... er, actually so what? Cynically all I could think was is, great now we have a pseudo Bree for Jonas and Daniel to fight over. I also made note that it is now another attractive woman who will make for a suggestive thumbnail whenever the creators feel the need to "pop" the viewer stats.

    Sometime today if not already, "Girl Tied Up" will be the most watched LG15 vid ever with over 2 million views. While these Bloodline videos will be lucky to reach 100k. So when season 3 starts which type of videos do you think we'll get? Story driven that will remain steady in the 25k-50k range but get 4-5 star ratings and be loved or videos that have attractive women in suggestive poses with keywords attached to sucker in the YouTube pervs?

    So well done Creators on a fantastic season finale but please, do not go down the road of cheap stunts. Your talent and skill is enough to bring in new viewers. I have faith in that.

  5. This is a very high level of quality, one that has not been attained by LG15 in a while. I hope it continues!

    This was a great finale, my congrats to the cast and crew!

  6. Even if he did sacrifice his life to save Emma and Gina. I still think Dr. Hart is a sicko perv.

  7. in particular, i liked #3, the video of Jonas navigating the hospital. For some reason I found it very exciting and interesting, even though the action didn't happen until the very end when they escape and run down the hallway. But I liked to get to see the different rooms and hallways of the hospital, and it seemed more realistic to include some of the footage of getting lost. If the TAAG has gotten lost before, we haven't seen it. They thought it was unimportant and edited it out, but it makes the video more interesting. it adds to the suspense of what's going to happen next. last year's season finale was good, but there was a little too much action... it was a little too epic... to be believable. this year was excellent.

  8. Some of the shooting style in #3 was really clever. It really captured a point of view perspective.

    Theoretically there is still a problem with why they are shooting videos in such extreme situations but if you let that slide then it had an interesting feel.

  9. If season III produces videos as high quality (and I'm not talking action packed just very story oriented and developed) then LG15 will rebound from its simi-fall to the shadows.

  10. I think perhaps a 5th video showing the main characters again would have been a good wrap-up to the finale story - maybe visting the beach/pier area again as they did at the end of the Season 1 finale, but this time with a happier (but still thoughtful) mood - kind of a "remembering Bree" moment, while looking forward.


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