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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Bree wants YOU for the LGPedia!

The finale is over. According to Amanda season 3 will start in a couple of weeks. What better way to spend that time than having fun contributing over at LGPedia. But where do you start? This page has the answers:

Lgpedia Needs Your Help: Ways To Help

        Virginian9000: Also, the Redearth88 pages in the LGPedia need help. Specifically, these three pages are the major ones that need updating:

        1. Everything You Need to Know About Redearth88 needs to be updated. It has not been updated since September/October for the story elements

        2. Brother's page needs updating. It has not been updated since the lonelygirl15 days

        3. Rachel's page also needs updating. It has not been updated since the video "Where Does the Time Go"


        1. There are more LGPedia pages that don't exist then do. Yet in an ironic twist of fate the thanks for all my contributions does not exist.


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