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Monday, January 28, 2008


By Michelle

Source: insideLG15


  1. I wonder where the name Geneivieve Strathcorran comes from?

    The first name "Genevieve" sounds a bit like Gina, or gene + alive.

    But Strathcorran?

  2. http://ra.hhpl.on.ca/hhpl/RA_Details_hhpl.php?TitleID=44634

    Devil in Tartan
    by Ogilvie,Elizabeth

    Description: Noel Paige and her fourteen-year-old stepbrother Robbie travel to Nova Scotia to work on the family genealogy. They discover they have cousins, mutual descendants of Angus James Kendrum who escaped the battle of Culloden 1746. One of these cousins might be the legitimate sixth Earl of Strathcorran, but when male members of the family begin to die it begins to appear that somebody is making a methodical effort to wipe out the most likely heir.
    Setting: Nova Scotia, Canada
    Publication Date: 1980

  3. Here is a reference to a horse named "His Royal Highness" available for breeding at a place called the "Strathcorran Stud" near Levin ... it also mentions his quality genetics and bloodlines...


  4. Here's a mention of "Strathcorran" in "A Description of the Isles of Orkney"


    "Strathcorran, about ten miles above Tayn, upon an arm of the sea call'd Braes Firth" ... a large building called "Down-Alisgag" in a location called "Ross"

  5. Here is a slightly different summary of the book listed earlier, "The Devil In Tartan."


    THE DEVIL IN TARTAN by Elisabeth Ogilvie - Twenty-four year old Noel Paige and her fourteen year old stepbrother, Robbie, go to Nova Scotia for the summer. Noel is completing the genealogy Robbie’s father was working on when he died. The family produced many sons through the years. One heir being the legitimate sixth Earl of Strathcorran, though nobody knows who he is since the brothers were illiterate and no records were recorded. As Noel and Robbie set to the task of meeting cousins, it appears someone is making an effort to kill male members of the Clan, most likely to claim the earl’s mantle. Just as the meeting of the Clan is about to take place, violence comes to a crescendo.

  6. This book, "Lost in the crowd; or, Better broke than kept" refers to a "Lord Strathcorran" on p. 255


  7. I dont know. but i really like the name. its quite pretty. If i ever had a pet im naming it Genevieve.

    Oh yeah by the way, do you like the graphic :D?

  8. I do like the graphic, but I think it would be even more popular if it included her telephone number.

  9. Lmao. yeah im pretty sure it would.
    Alexandra Weaver is very pretty.

  10. oops sorry forgot to sign that last one >_>


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