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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Down Under - Gavin (KM)

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Gavin said..

I was leaving to go down under. Until this happened...


Gavin Taylore is a character in the KateModern web series. He hails from Manchester and currently lives in East London. He is CEO of the company he started with Tariq in Spiders, and is convinced they will make it big with the software they have produced. His confidence led him to seek money from some rather unsavory investors.
In The Prisoner, Steve suggested that Gavin was a member of the Hymn of One. Gavin later admitted that he had attended a Hymn of One meeting, but found it boring.
Gavin and Charlie got locked in his office together while trying to save Kate, and the two ended up having relations. They both appeared to move on though, Gavin hitting on girls with his catchphrase, "Keep Your Socks On!" and Charlie becoming obsessed with actor Shia LeBeouf. After Charlie went to the Grand Regency Hotel to meet Shia though, Gavin realized he had feelings for Charlie, and asked her to be his girlfriend. She accepted. Despite Gavin and Charlie's new relationship, both seem to enjoy flirting with other people.
Later, after things with Kate died down, Gavin and Tariq renewed their efforts to work on their software. In order to help them, they hired on Lee, a work experience trainee volunteer. Unfortunately, Gavin seemed to find humor in degrading Lee, who was working for nothing. As retaliation, Lee stole the only copy of their software in The Leak and posted videos that would lead both Gavin in Tariq on a treasure hunt around London to attempt to recover it. This strained their friendship, however, and the two now refuse to speak to each other.
Unfortunately, since Terrence showed up and they lost their software to the Order, Gavin has shown signs of violence and mental anguish (including split personality and paranoia). Gavin's mental state caused his relationship with Charlie to slowly deteriorate. She finally left him after learning that Gavin had formed a plan with Terrence to retrieve the software from the Order.

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  1. Terrence is going to die! Yay! (oh dear I'm evil...)

  2. I'm going to miss Terrance.


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