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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy new year? - Tariq (KM)

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Tariq said...

"I think 2008 is going to be the beginning of exciting things in Tariq-land!"


Tariq Bhartti is a character in the KateModern web series. He lives in East London and is a West Ham fan. He recently started a company with his friend Gavin, and is looking forward to the time when their company is successful enough that he can afford a swimming pool.
At the beginning of the series, Tariq was dating Kate, but was hurt when he found out that she lied about her name. His distrust of Kate increased after she claimed to have lost her memory. Tariq didn't believe her, and Kate ended up turning to Steve for help. Tariq became jealous of Steve, and suspicious of his intentions, and attacked him. This led Kate to break things off.
The two reconciled after he came to her rescue at Carnaby Street, where Steve brought Kate to "recover her lost memories." Kate was hurt and confused after she found out that the specialist she had seen was dead, and suspected Steve and the Hymn of One had something to do with it. Tariq stood by Kate as she questioned Steve, and later worked to get Kate off the hook when Steve threatened to press charges against Kate for her tactics.
Tariq became even more worried for Kate when he noticed a Watcher outside of her apartment. He became outright disturbed when Kate received a letter from Dudley, asking her to meet him on Pinchin Street so that he and his father, the specialist (who had faked his death) could explain themselves. Tariq tried to come with her, but Kate decided that he could not come, causing Tariq to become upset and break up with Kate. He went on a date with a girl he met on the internet but it didn't go well. He then met Julia, an Orange Shop employee, who he began seriously dating.
Tariq, however, remained conflicted about his feelings towards Kate. After Kate vanished, he was approached by Charlie, who asked him to help her find Kate. An upset Tariq replied "Why should I care [about Kate]?". However, he later became more worried, and helped to steal the car that Kate had last been seen in and lived in it for weeks, hoping to get some information about her whereabouts.
When Kate contacted Charlie to let her know that she didn't want to be found, Tariq became understandably upset with Kate and gave her a piece of his mind.
Shortly after returning from the woods, Gavin and Tariq renewed their efforts to work on their software. In order to help them, they hired on Lee, a work experience trainee volunteer. Unfortunately, Gavin seemed to find humor in degrading Lee, who was working for nothing. As retaliation, Lee stole the only copy of their software in The Leak and posted videos that would lead both Gavin in Tariq on a treasure hunt around London to attempt to recover it. This strained their friendship, however, and the two now refuse to speak to each other.
In Commitment, Patricia Nielson attempted to interview Tariq about Kate and Dr. Griffin, to which he refused, claiming it was "trouble we don't need." Tariq has begun looking for a new job, and is focusing on his relationship with Julia.

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  1. Do you think someone's going to die today?

  2. That all depends on whether or not Gavin Juggles for World Peace.

  3. This is getting more interesting...

    I think this video is funny though because we get a glimpse at what a white Tariq would look like, haha.

  4. I thought Julia won the vote for which character stays?


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