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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dream 17: "Work Related Stress" (Lucy) - jerrypwjr

(This is the new and improved version)
After seeing those stellar pictures that Greg took of Amanda (as Lucy) I had to "doctor up" Dream 17...

Lucy walks into a dark empty night club. She sits at the bar.

Bartender: Hey there beautiful.

Lucy: Get me a Shirley Temple with a double shot of Absolute.

Bartender: (laughing) Sure thing babe.

Lucy watches as the bartender eyeballs how much vodka he pours. Its not even close to what Lucy ordered. Lucy pulls out her pistol shoots him between the eyes and grabs the bottle of vodka before it hits the floor and fills her glass full. She reaches over the bar grabs something and tosses it in her very grown up Shirley Temple.

Lucy: (to the dead bartender) You forgot the cherry, "babe".

She comes home. She sleeps...
...and dreams.

Motion Picture Soundtrack "Annie"
Performed by: Carol Burnett


  1. Very nicely put together.

  2. Thanks impulse!
    (Those who may not know...that compliment is from a REAL film maker)
    Watch me gloat.

  3. I'm starting to get scared of Lucy/Amanda. I don't know if it's the sunglasses, the gun or both.

    Cool video.


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