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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

H-P cross-promotes Jumper

"the blended spot seems to have come about because ZenithMedia, which handles media buying for both parties, saw a fun opportunity and made it happen"


'Jumper' ad leaps between products
"In 20th Century Fox's "Jumper," Hayden Christensen's character has the ability to teleport anywhere in the world."

HP Pairs the Jumper With Serena
"The HP spot/movie trailer hybrid is not the first of its kind. Last July, Crispin Porter + Bogusky turned a trailer for the movie The Bourne Ultimatum into a VW spot."

Jumper Teleporting Through Commercials

View the commercial:

As previously reported on this blog the "watchyourjack" youtube series also appears to be a promo for the movie "Jumper"

" As revealed first on lg15today on January 7, 2008, it has been discovered that Watchyourjack is viral marketing for the upcoming movie "Jumper.""

watchyourjack on LGPedia

Lonelygirl15 Product Placements on LGPedia.

KateModern Product Placeents on LGPedia.

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Note: Its seems likely that 'ZenithMedia' is ZenithOptimedia which is part Publicis Groupe, but this has not yet been confirmed. If you are in the biz and know these companies please leave a comment below so that we can clarify this for our readers. The movie is produced by 20th Century Fox. It is not know who owns and operates the Whatweird.com web site which, in addition to Jack videos and posts, recently publised an article entitled "What is a Paladin?" which one would assume is part of the marketing campaign.

Jumper on Wikipedia:

"A publisher for Oni Press commented on the tie-in to the film, stating: "The world that was being built around these characters was so well-realized and the mythology so interesting that other stories about this conflict would be plentiful and add to what the filmmakers were building.""

"A video game for the film will be made for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, and Wii consoles."

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