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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Girl Tied Up - Dr. Hart (LG15)


I had no choice. - Dr. Hart

Girl Tied Up - Dr. Hart (LG15) on LGPedia.

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  1. This video was AMAZING! Loved it.

  2. That was intense...

    Another Ceremony?!?!? My goodness.

    But... doesn't this violate the whole "free-will" precepts of the Hymn... or has the Order thrown those rules out of the window since Rezisto?

  3. Can someone tell me when free will no longer was a requirement for the ceremony?

  4. Girl Tied Up, close-up on Emma's cleavage, suggestive thumbnail... hmmmm they're trying hard to reach a new audience these days. Let's wait and see how far they go along that path.

  5. Okay free will, but what about her killer "super powers"?
    What ever happened to those?

    Really great video.
    Another ceremony with almost no advance warning is a big shock (to me, at least).
    But I still want to believe Dr Hart is good, and will help get her out of there.

    And can I just say.... Holy BOOBS Batman!
    I predict lots of video hits, thanks to Emma's rack.
    Good job girls!

  6. They just announce Season 2 finale

  7. I will never know how good, bad or whatever this video is. Simply because I refuse to click on it.

    "Girl Tied Up", close up of cleavage, face in agony and/or ecstasy.

    To me that all adds up to something I don't wish to be a part of. Some say it is a necessary evil. That it will increase hits and make the creators more money so they can provide better videos.

    I say I would rather LG15 end with dignity then have to do these cheap stunts.

    Have the creators ever once addressed this? I know many others do not like when these types of titles are used. I'd like to hear their explanation as to why they do this.

    A show as well written as LG15, with such a devoted fan base should not stoop to levels like this. It might not, in fact I know it will not effect anything but as my personal stand I will not ever again click any video that has a thumbnail/title combo like this current one.

  8. thanks, mike. i really appreciate and respect your post and i agree with you 100%. i'm sorry to say that i did watch it and i wish that i hadn't. it was incredibly disappointing and absolutely disgusting. in my opinion it went way too far in so many ways and crossed the line immediately. scanning down her body tied up? holding the camera on her chest with a low cut top? the girl is supposed to be 16!!!! and how old is dr. hart supposed to be?

    i was completely distracted by the information given because the title and beginning were so sickening. this is sending the wrong message.

    as someone who has watched LG15 for well over a year now, this was by far the most disappointing video. and as much as i love the show, i won't continue to watch it if this is what it's becoming.

    i mean... how many people do you think are out there using this as more than just light entertainment part of a show? do we really need to encourage that?

  9. Good grief Mike. It's Emma tied to a gurney and given shots.
    It isn't bondage or porno. People sometimes scream when they're scared. Girls sometimes have breast.

    I remember a few months ago, Bree tied to a gurney. Little smock on...
    Sexy? Not really. Scary? Hell yeah.

  10. Seriously guys, get over it.
    Sex is everywhere. LG15 does a great job at keeping their videos pretty PG13.

    Yes they're using more suggestive titles, and pretty girls... hate to say it, but that's the way its done.
    If you're going to boycott suggestively titled videos, then you'd better also boycott everything else that uses to sell. Say goodbye to 90% of what you own.

    I've also got to say, a lot of it's in the mind of the viewer. You think Dr Hart is coming across pervy, or that scanning the camera up her body (which was just to show she's tied down) is dirty... maybe YOUR mind is just in the gutter.

    Get over it. Great video.
    Let them do what they need to do to keep the videos coming.
    This isn't anywhere NEAR becoming a "sell-out", which they very easily could have done.

  11. It'd be different if they didn't go out of their way to make it the thumbnail. Y'know? It flashes right in the middle, just like the old thumbnail clips from Spring '07.

    I dunno. It doesn't really bother me all that much. The only thing that does make me pause is the fact that the CHARACTER is 15.

  12. They used to have the views when they had a good story. Now they have nice boobs.... I'm just saying.

  13. "some bondage sex for the good doctor?"

    "look at those chest-HAMS"

    "great tits thats all i can say.."

    "Nice tits and Cute girl
    I love it,
    let me rape her !"

    "Now Emma can have my children. I will make her scream"

    "this looks like a porno"

    "i would fuck her shit up god damn"

    Those are just a handful of the comments being left by some of the new people the creators wanted to join the community.

    I'd be happy for the creators to explain their reasoning for doing these kinds of things. If the people behind Jumper said they would only pay if they did it for instance would at least be an answer I could understand.

    I look forward to the next video and hope it draws in thousands of new viewers based on story that will then stay and add to the community, not the random pervs who click the thumbnail hoping for something entirely different than what LG15 is, leave their filthy comments and add nothing of value.

  14. Talk about sparks flying on the comments board! While I agree that the screen shot is a little unncessary (I for one have given up on Emma being 15/16), the acting and suspense in this video was great (IMHO). That is why I loved it. I thought Katherine did an amazing job. So did whoever the dude is who plays Dr. Hart (way too lazy to look it up in LGPedia).

    People are so fiesty! I have been watching this since before Bree was outted, so I have a very emotional connection to the characters. But I am neither disgusted nor appauled. I would say try not to be so offended, but to each his own.

    Forgive me for my spelling mistakes. They don't call me enginerd for nothing.

  15. mike- i agree with you 100%. thanks for your posts.

    everyone saying "get over it"- why don't you leave your name?

    this is basically them hitting an unacceptable level on their journy through suggestive thumbnails and titles. "jennie bares all" "conjugal visit" "get your freak on" "free love" "procreating on peyote" "can't sleep... with me"-- by the way that last one i expected to be about sarah saying daniel couldn't have sex with her or something to that effect.

    but this was especially bad- like rekidk said, emma is supposed to be 15, maybe 16?. these same breasts were being worked around for that reason- the actress happens to be large-chested so they had her in baggy sweatshirts. i guess they changed their minds on how to deal with that. and yes, it is totally realistic for a 15 year old to have matured to big breastedness, but this is gratuitous. one of you protesting anonymouses mentioned bree in a hospital gown... yeah, why isn't emma in one?
    or why isn't the thumbnail dr. hart? or even a panned-out picture of emma?

    lame. i don't think it's supposed to be suggestive of dr hart's pedophiliac nature- he's apparently in love with gina- but rather to get people to look. and as mike showed us, people have looked. and said hideous things. i'm with mike as far as holding the creators accountable for this. i mean, it seems obvious to me that since they are using youtube, they are using thumbnails and titles that people would find while searching around for similar things. but i want the creators to admit that.

  16. I don't really mind the "suggestive" titles. "Jennie Bares All," "Free Love," etc. are double-entendres, just like "Girl Tied Up." Or, for the RE88 fans, "2 Girls 1 Dwelling." One might even say that the characters themselves are oblivious, and that they're more like in-jokes between the creators and the audience.

    Again, this only bothers me because of Emma's--the character's-- age. If it were Sarah or Mallory, I for one would not be bothered in the slightest.

  17. May i say:


    "My soulmate" HA! i knew that wasn't daugther-father love...

  18. If Dr. Hart isn't a perv who has a sick attachment to Gina, then why are the creators making it look that way? This isn't in my head, this is the way they're making it look.

  19. rekidk- i agree with you. and i didn't and don't *really* have a problem with the suggestive titles- there is sex in this show, and it actually took a while for that to be acknowledged. "playing doctor" was another- double entendre, funny, not inappropriate, but just the teeniest bit questionable. i think if i felt like the titles were purely and totally for the benefit of the fans, i would enjoy them, but i feel like there is a little bit of motivation to catch people's attention using sex, which is not unusual but makes me feel... i guess a little sell-outish.

    i also don't have a problem with sarah or mallory's sex appeal. for sarah, it's essential to her character. so when her thumbnails include cleavage i'm not so disturbed. like in "can't sleep...with me"- she was showing a little skin and it was fine.

    i'm actually not up in arms about this. but emma's age, the specific thumbnail along with the title, and the fact that they included sex with her being tied up and crying... i was bothered.

  20. no, dr. hart definitely has a sick attachment to gina. that's not in your head at all. it's just the shots of emma that i don't think were meant to convey his pedophilia. he's not interested in her- she's just the swap out for his "soul mate"

  21. I agree with Mike and Mary and Rekidk has a great point about the age of the character too. Who are the creators trying to draw to Lg15? Who are the non-Lg15 viewers are clicking on breasts and underage girls in bondage? Pedaphiles? Sexual predators? (and comments about raping one of our underage characters isn't funny, it's sick) I'm not saying this will happen, but I think it opens a door that brings an element into this community that we don't want in the name of gaining more youtube views.

  22. i agree with mike and the others... people have been saying for a while now that the titles were getting bad, and yeah maybe it was a little shameless-- but this is beyond that. sure, sex sells, but i think most of us would agree that what "sold" us to LG15 wasn't sex but bree and our love for her character-- which is the exact OPPOSITE of this crap.

    sorry, but i don't want to scroll through comment after comment about emma's boobs or people wanting to rape her-- if i wanted that, i could go to youtube. the title "girl tied up" means what exactly? it has no point to the story. even the title saying "i'm sorry" would have made more sense.

    i'm sorry to say it, but i think this is going pretty far in a sick way to gain more viewers. it's a shame they feel it has to be this way, because i also think that the acting was great and they have a lot to work with.

    ps... whoever said that your mind is in the gutter if that's what this brings to mind-- that may have been true of previous video titles, but it's pretty obvious that that's the direction they were looking for here. i would like to know the purpose behind this.

  23. I don't think it's so much about drawing in permanent viewers as it is about making sure they're meeting some kind of quota. A LOT of people have to make their living out of this project, and what with their endorsements and partnerships, they have to reach viewers no matter what.

    A lot of things are gonna happen we don't like because of that, but it's either this kind of thing, or LG15 doesn't make as much money and acotrs move on, like Jessica did.

    I don't really like it either, but I don't find it 'disgusting'. Maybe it's because I'm a 16 year old girl who wears clothes like that a lot? More than likely, yes. But if I have a problem with anything, it's the titles. It's what those people search for, and it's not something Dr. Hart would use as his title for an explanation of why he's gonna kill this girl. It doesn't make SENSE.

  24. Honestly, people. Yes, some of the titles are definitely suggestive, like "Can't sleep--with me," but for crap's sake! You are absolutely LOOKING for stuff! Get your freaking minds out of the gutter. "Girl Tied Up..." let's see...she's a girl...and she's tied up...DUH! Honestly I didn't see anything else in it until YOU all pointed it out.

    And you're going to get those kind of comments on ANY vid in Youtube. I've seen shots of cute kids doing funny things and some idiots have to go and make those kinds of comments.

    And don't forget all the shots of Bree leaning forward towards the camera...and in a tank top. GASP! NOW WE HAVE TO FREAK OUT!

    Have the Creators gone a little overboard with the titles? Yes. Would I like to see it stop? Yes. But I am NOT going to go looking things and go on a crusade every time I think I see something.

    (And it's not like I'm hardened to this sort of stuff. In movies I don't watch anything but G.)

    So. Chill. And stop planting suggestions.

  25. Yeah, people post comments like that on just about all of the lg15 videos. Just thumbs-down it enough and they go away =3

  26. A few of the comments above me have got me thinking. I agree with various points made and would like to expound upon a few of them.

    The title "Girl Tied Up" doesn't make sense from a story point of view. Why on earth would Dr. Hart use that as a title? So it stands out even more as just used for getting views of people who think the video will be something more than it is.

    Also a side note about the posting of the video itself. Remember when videos would get posted and it would list the faction? We had rules set by the creators telling us who could see what video. We were told that was really important and that the actors couldn't even comment with us about videos because that would affect the realism of the story. That all went out the window some time ago with as far as I know, no explanation. So are we now supposed to just accept that everyone can just use the LG15 YouTube account? That the Order are now perfectly fine with videos posted about their evil plans? They can't even be bothered coming up with an in story reason why Dr. Hart would have access to the account. At least then I'd only have to wonder why he'd be posting a video of his crime.

    The thumbnail picture. From reading comments, it was a frame put in at the middle to insure it would be the thumbnail. Now I don't mind that in general. Sometimes the accurate thumbnail will not give a good idea of what the video is about. However I've seen a screencap of what the true middle of the video would be. If that was the thumbnail, I probably would have had much less of a problem. Apparently though a shot of Emma from farther away with Dr. Hart in the shot as well didn't meet the need of the Creators. We're always being told that Creators listen to us and read our comments. So Creators, if you are going to continue using this kind of title/thumbnail can you please explain why? We who come here obviously want LG15 to be successful or we wouldn't continue coming back. If you tell us your reasons things may be much clearer and therefore easier for us to accept.

    Right now to be honest my perception is this. LG15 use to be number 1 on YouTube and now is number 6. The majority of the videos get nowhere near the number of views as it once did indicating most of those subscribers stopped watching long ago. Of the last 40 videos posted, only 5 have got over 100k in views. Each of those 5 has titles and/or thumbnails that are of the type people would click hoping to see something dirty/sexy/perverted. So you have figured out only those types of videos get the views you need to show companies you are still relevant enough they should promote their products with you. In many ways, it's like those 5 videos are your "sweeps" episodes that determine how much money networks can charge for commercials. It's your story, your series so do what you want of course. Just remember though your most viewed videos were all when you had a cast of 2-3 characters, simple sets and strong storylines we cared about.

    Since I apparently need to chill, I shall go. Jon Stewart just started anyway.

  27. I suppose I could leave my name, but it's just a screen name. Should I leave my address and phone number too? Blood type?
    Would any of it matter?

    It doesn't bother me. There's been damsels in distress since the invention of story-telling. I never said get over it. I'm saying that it's wrong if you look at it as wrong. Cleavege doesn't equal sex.
    Bree used to get the same kind of rude comments. There are rude kids out there, what can I say. But nobody should stunt their creativity to avoid them.

    If you think about it, 'Lonelygirl15 is a fairly suggestive title in itself.

  28. I guess they could put Emma in a business suit and tape her breast down. She could walk stifley down the street while the doctor skips behind throwing hyodermic needles at her.
    No, no that's silly. What am I thinking?



  29. fair points:
    youtube comments are always sick and vile
    - counterpoint: this was asking for it, bad

    uh, actually that was the only one.

    a few things that make this vid special:

    those aren't the clothes she was wearing when she was kidnapped

    they used the ole frame in the middle trick when it wasn't necessary, as far as the story goes, for the thumbnail. but we do get to see lots of boobs and she's arching her back.

    their other "sexual" titles had been double-entendres: "lets play doctor" daneil dresses up as a doctor to steal some stuff, "can't sleep... with me" sarah can't sleep and she's our host, "jennie bares all" jennie does her first vlog and tells us about how she got to where she is, etc

    "girl tied up" ... lets see... as in, busy? maybe it would make sense if dr hart was saying HE was tied up, like his hands were tied by the threat of losing gina...hmm. no i don't really see how that fits.

    the title is in the youtube tags. wtm?

    she's a kid (the character) and she's tied up, crying, and otherwise helpless, and she's rather exposed. maybe if she were vlogging in her bedroom in that top, but not so much while she's struggling to be freed of physical restraint which on its own is torturous but also implies that she's gonna die soon unless jonas and the rest of the taag miraculously save her.

    did i mention the title is in the tags?

    i would chill, but i am chill. it seems like the folks who are mad that some other folks are displeased with this video are much more angry. i don't mind eye candy in entertainment, but this is different. see above for reasons why. and thinking so doesn't make me a prude who hates all showing of any kind of sexual content. i'm not, and i don't. ;)

  30. Know what bothered me more? Her wrists were not tied down... so it was kinda stupid cause the struggling was so fake... I mean other than that okay... but you can see that she could easily unbuckle the top.. and I thought okay maybe he's keeping her drugged... but then the ending.. with her screaming for jonas... to the camera... it was like okay.. so what did he give her? I mean it just wasn't believable.

    But yeah.. umm I don't personally care to see emma's boobs.. I'm not completely put off by them..

    I'm more freaked out that Dr. Hart is having some affair with Gina... I mean seriously we all thought- OKAY Dr. Hart outed Emma cause he wanted to save his daughter... and now to find out that it's not his daughter? WTF?!

    That's just BAD casting/writing/directing.

  31. I don't get how people don't understand how "Girl Tied Up" has nothing to do with the video...

    There's Emma. She's a girl.
    And she's tied up.
    So we take Emma (Girl) + Tied Up.
    Girl Tied Up.

    Sure, it's not necessary, but I don't see how it's any worse than any of the other double-entendre titles?

    Also, in the defense of the Dr Hart/Gina "romance"...
    Assuming Dr Hart is supposed to be about the same age as the actor that plays him (38), and Gina (according to LGpedia) is 21, it's not really THAT bad.
    People are calling him perv and pedo for it, which isn't quite fair at this point, assuming he had no interest in her until she was legal.

    Is it still creepy that he was 30 taking care of her at 13 and (hopefully) later decided she was his "soul mate"?
    Well, yes. But at this point, calling it pervy and Dr Hart a pedophile isn't quite fair.

  32. A year and a half ago I was looking for information on Pluto's demotion from Planet status and somehow found Bree and "Poor Pluto," and was charmed. I checked the rest of LG15 and found the videos witty and interesting.

    Now it's suggestive titles, a supposedly under-age girl tied down in a way that emphasizes her breasts by a mad doctor. It's very sad to see what this show has degenerated into.

  33. I read a comment earlier about how the actual middle frame would have been Dr. Hart and Emma in the background.

    Then I though... we didn't see Dr. Hart's face for quite a while in this video. It was above the frame, I thought, for suspense. We thought it might be Hart, but what if it wasn't?

    A thumbnail with him might have totally ruined that bit of dramatic effect. And a picture of Emma's face struggling is more eye-catching for regular viewers than her shirt or something, or most of Emma blocked out by another guy's body. That's treally the three choices for thumbnails we have here.

    It makes more sense than when they used to stick random images of Bree as the thumbnail from different videos when it was something like Jonas chatting in his library.


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