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Thursday, January 17, 2008


lonelygirl15 Season 2 Finale - January 25!


Mark your calendars, save the date, get time off work, ditch school, but make sure you do whatever it takes to join the LG15 community for the finale of Season 2. The excitement will begin on Wednesday, January 23, with our live event in San Francisco. Then, tune in to the four-part finale with action-packed videos and a surprise ending. Oh yeah, and as always, someone will die! We are so excited for this event and can’t wait for you all to join us!!!!!!!

LG15 Team

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  1. Emma... dead?

    No, I think Sarah's going to die. Or something twisty and messed up like that.

    NO! Mallory. Yeah Mallory is going to die. To redeem her... Argh so confused now!

  2. Please let it be whoever has been in charge of writing this show lately. They have been doing a terrible job.

  3. Kill Mallory! Or Jennie! Or TAYLOR!

    I hope they kill one of those 3. I can see it now... they rush back into the picture to try to save Emma, and prove their worth, and BAM... dead.

    Worst idea ever?
    Finally bringing Spencer back to help out, and killing him.
    THAT... would cause mass riots.

  4. season 2 ended, it hardly started, the storys not really went anywhere im kinda disapointed with season 2 , since no important questions were really answered and nothing new and mind blowing happend =(

  5. Youwish is right. I absolutely agree. It's such a disappointment, and this season was waaayyy too short. And c'mon people! Does it always have to end in death??? I don't want to watch a show that's just going to always end up negatively, and become repetitious...killing off the main characters over and over again. I think I'm losing my faith in lg15, and I didn't think it was possible. No more meaningless deaths for entertainment!!!!

  6. I also agree. This season has solved nothing, only given us more questions....

  7. youwish is right.

    "Oh yeah, and as always, someone will die!"
    Should I be excited about someone dying?
    Geeezzz even if it's Virgil, Lucy, or an evil watcher that doesn't make me entirely happy. If some plotholes were resolves and questions answered then you might see a spark of happiness on me.

  8. Hopefully Sarah, Daniel, and Jonas are safe. Emma too. Also, I'm hoping the season finale will result in a reinvigorating of the series, although I won't get my hopes up.

  9. good grief - you don't just come out and say "someone will die" - maybe you hint at it in a trailer to build suspense...

  10. Yeah the "someone will die" thing is kinda lame.

    I disagree about the whole 'barely started', 'not a lot happened' thing.

    We found Jonas's parents
    We found out new stuff about the HoO
    We found Emma
    We learned a lot about the Serum and just how far the Order has gone into Trait+ stuff
    We also had a lot of personal stuff happen, most notably Daniel/Mallory

    Season 1, especially up until aropund the middle of its run, didn't upload videos nearly as often, and the story moved a lot slower... Now that the idea of 'seasons' has hit home, story and plot organization is improved to be similar to reality but also like a normal series.

    But I am VERY excited. I'm almost certain they will succeed in saving Emma. They know WTF they're doing, and Emma isn't TRYING to die.
    MAN, I hope one of the Season Finales is Taylor/Sarah based so there will be a chance it's in Texas...

  11. It could be Dr. Hart that dies...

    I just hope Jennie sticks around, I really like her character.

  12. They never said the person that flatlines will not be resusitated ... then the Creators will jump into view and yell "psych!"


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