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Monday, January 14, 2008


We all know that Mesh has been missing since before the New Year. Where has he been. Some thought Miles had pushed him into the 436 but we decided to look a bit deeper. A simple google search of "Mesh Flinders" under the blog category reveals the following:

"I'm writing this from the John Edwards for President offices in Derry, NH where I've been volunteering for the last few days. I'll be here until the NH primary on the 8th. Needless to say today's a very exciting day around the office ..."

Google blog search for Mesh Flinders.

Now the blog http://meshflinders.blogspot.com/ still exists and appears to belong to Mesh however the post itself seems to have been taken by the 436.

How would you interpret this mysterious non existent post? Is this further proof of the power of the 436? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.


  1. Clicking on Mesh's profile, there is another blog he started:


    His most recent post there is from Oct '07, but maybe something to watch in case he posts again later.

  2. Maybe he made a deal with 436. In exchange for his release he will give it most of John Edward's votes. Looks like Mesh is keeping up his end of the deal. The question is, who is 436 giving the votes to?

  3. lol mr bot ur posts about this are hilarious. Anywayyyy, i guess i have to offer my theory:
    So....I think that maybe they let him slip into obscurity to keep his political preferences from the community? As for the 436 part....it is possible that 436 did a 180 and engulfed itself...which resulted in deleted posts and missing people and explanations ;) ......You know, it acts like google......only the information it finds on the subject, it gobbles up HAHAHA .....sorry i couldnt resist :-p

  4. Does this mean that the Edwards campaign is really a front for some Aleister Crowley inspired cult? And has P. Monkey cut a deal to become the VP if Edwards gets elected?

  5. John Edwards is the leader of the 436 and if he becomes president, the whole US will disappear in the 436. Thank god he doesn't make a change of becoming the president (from how it looks now) John Edwards already kicked Mesh into the 436.

  6. The 436 now has a taste for power, we are so screwed.

  7. I think when Mesh returns he will find that only 8 minutes have passed. You know how that works Joe.


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