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Tuesday, January 8, 2008


With 249,286 views to date, the Rachel video "2 Girls 1 Dwelling" will almost certainly smash through 250,000+ views in the next few minutes (depending on when YouTube updates the account.

This is a pretty massive achievement because no Lonelygirl15 video since "Shadow of Death" has crossed that threshold, and that was on September 08, 2007.

Here is a direct comparison of the video viewership by day of recent Lonelygirl15 and RedEarth88 videos (click on the image to enlarge)

Data from: http://tubemogul.blogspot.com/


  1. I have always said this series has potential to be huge.

  2. Also the title is a good "hitter" 2 girls 1 dwelling...could folk have been looking for a different type of video involving a cup? (eeeewwwwww)

  3. It's rather unfair to compare a show that is in it's prime and has fans deliberately posting comments and whatnot to get more views with a series that has had it's fifteen minutes of fame and has "fans" deliberately not watching the show in protest of it's direction.

  4. Anon, tell us exactly what you would like us to compare and we will compare them.

    These are current statistics. They present videos from both accounts over the same period. The statistics are generated by an independent web site. I think thats pretty fair.

  5. While you make a good point anonymous, it should also be noted that the devotion of the fans to one series as compared to another is perfectly fair, and the results are shown in the views.

    Also gf is right the 2 girls 1 dwelling title was smart

  6. Congrats to Glenn Rubenstein, Sara Fletcher, and the whole REDEARTH88 Crew!

  7. Not wishing to diminish this impressive achievement, but just to put some reality into the mix, the high view count for this particular video does not seem to be generating an equally impressive fan base, the videos posted before the Red Army began promoting the series by guerrilla meeping haven't gained much in views, so few of the people who have watched this video have gone back to watch the previous videos, also it hasn't resulted in very many subscriptions (about 2,300, up from about 800, so it has more than doubled, but still a fairly low number).

  8. Rob, I think the points you make show just how difficult this biz is. If you look at KateModern its a total disaster on YouTube but has done quite well on Bebo.

    Even the Watchyourjack viral marketing scheme for "Jumper" has fallen on its face (167 subscriptions) and that is backed by a major Hollywood Studio.

    Clearly marketing efforts are important to making any series a success in the current market. Thats said, I would take more views over less any day. Its a good start.

  9. I kinda agree with the others like rob, the impressive efforts of a few select fans to get this video on the high honors lists... i mean, look at 2 Girls versus the video that came out almost on the same day. On Your Nerves in practically equal to the lonelygirl videos, despite Red Army hype.
    Although the subscription increase is pretty cool. Do we have data from before 2 Girls?

    redearth88 is doing very well for itself at its early age; lg15 was spankin, then, too. I feel like redearth88 fans are trying to make it live up to lg15, which it's totally worth striving for, but you guys need to take pride in what you've got rather than compare it to other series.

  10. In the Red Army hype's defense:

    When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves has done better than any LG15 video since Free Love, posted December 14 2007.

  11. These are just view statistics for the period where they are available. You have to add a series to TubeMogul for it to begin tracking it.

    We will off course continue to track both series into the future to see how well they do. At this point Bebo does not allow tracking on TubeMogul or we would also track KateModern (the youtube views are negligible or we would have added it.

    You can take what you want out of these charts. They actually provide interesting data for LG15. This article just focussed on RedEarth because thats what the story was. 250,000 views is impressive for any video for a series we cover and its hard to ignore an event like that.

    Let's hope that both series have many videos like this over the next year and we should be happy that we now have a tool to track the data. The interpretation of what it means is up to the readers and commenters.

  12. I just saw the redearth video on the main page under "Videos being watched right now"!

  13. This show is still in its talking/blog phase.

    When a real storyline hits, then let's see where the numbers lead. Until then, all this is just the equivalent of preliminary opinion polls (see how well those worked in New Hampshire).

  14. Actually the early poll results were very accurate. What was not accurate was the Democratic prediction polls BEFORE the election.

    We are looking at the real results for each video. Thats a very tangible quantity and it can be measured with precision.

  15. When A Girl Gets On Your Nerves is currently at 81,742

  16. Let's also not forget that each video is artificially forced to the top of "Most Discussed" - artificially, yes, due to the community posting things like "i like pie" and then telling others to "post a few replies" before they do something for them.

    I don't seem to recall LG15 ever doing that.

    Yes, the artificial inflation does something. It floats it to the top. People will watch, but right now all we know is that the community is forcing the number of views, to just casual viewers who may watch the one video out of context but not many more.

    I'd like to see what happens when the community just comments normally - not four thousand times with random things for the YouTube equivalent of a "bump" - and find out how many repeat watchers there are.

  17. To the anon above: Have you ever read the lg15.com comments?

  18. I was the first anonymous and what kismet and the anonymous who is two above me are saying is kina what I meant. LG15 had a lot of help when it was "new" because of the speculation about Bree's validity and the mysterious ceremony. At this point, a year and a half after it's started, casual viewers don't care as much. RE is also getting help(in this case it's fans actively trying to get it more honors) and without help it would still probably getting less than LG15. Fact is, in this case view numbers don't mean anything. The only thing it gauges accurately is the lengths fans will go to get each series exposure.

  19. Anon who was also the first anon,

    What you are saying is that view numbers do not mean anything once a video is on the charts? Lonelygirl benefits just as much from hitting those charts as RE does. If casual views do not matter then Lonelygirl would not be using 'sex sells' titles to also go after the casual viewers. The most viewed Lonelygirl videos in recent months are the ones that performed well on the same charts.

    I think this entire argument is silly because both RE and Lonelygirl see a benefit from the charts and those casual views make up the overwhelming majority of total views for each.

  20. Remember when Lonelygirl kept using that same Bree thumbnail for videos? Some of the series most viewed videos re-used that same Bree thumbnail because it performed well on the YouTube charts.

    Considering the low view numbers lately, maybe The Creators should start using it again.


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