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Thursday, January 10, 2008

KateModern Season 2 Teaser

KateModernProduction posted this picture on their Bebo page, with the title "Season Two Teaser". It looks like somebody will get heavily wounded or maybe even die in the second season. Who do you think that person will be? And what do you think will be the story behind it?


  1. Bigger pic here:


  2. That white thing looks like a jacket. So, who's jacket is that?

  3. The KM team knows how to build speculation, don't they? :)

    Can't wait for season 2

  4. I'd rather have a new video rather than a teaser, C's! I can't wait three more days, here. I'm seriously in withdrawal right now. :(

  5. I'm in withdrawal too!

    I hope it's not anyone we care TOO much about...

  6. There is only a small amount of blood, and those circles with x's in them may possiably indicate fired bullet shells.

    I'd say someone has/get's shot but due to their only being a small amount of blood they are/do live.

  7. EX-CITED!

    Yeah if it was a murder scene then wouldn't there be a body outline, or at least an actual body? It's probably just an injury. Could this be connected to Gavin/Tariq's situation in the last video?


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