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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Kiss-Off - Daniel (LG15)

Mallory and I are finito. - Daniel

The Kiss-Off - Daniel (LG15) on LGPedia

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  1. if they make mallory into a true psycho stalker, i'm gonna hate it for mallory, but it might be awesome for the show.

  2. Right Daniel. Mallory was magically able to film herself going grocery shopping. And even though she's blogged before with a non-time stamping video camera, she would clearly decide to use one now. I'm sorry, but I just don't buy that the stalker vid was a fake, and if it is, then it's extremely bad writing. Either way, Daniel just sounded retarded in this video.

  3. Sounds like they changed direction and are writing her off.

  4. Or Mallory is in cahoots with Del Mundo and are both working against the TAAG. Daniel didn't sound retarded at all. He sounded tired from the bus ride with Sarah.

  5. I don't think her stalker video was fake. Bet we see a video soon, where we see Mallory being held somewhere. Then Daniel will freak out and he will try to save her.

    But if that stalker video turn out to be from Mallory herself, then it was a pretty lame storyline. So I hope the stalker video was real.

  6. If Daniel had thought the stalker video was real, then it would have been fake. Since he thinks it is fake, it is probably real.


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