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Friday, January 18, 2008

Prime Suspect - Julia (KM)

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Charlie and I went to see Steve. Neither of us were prepared for what happened next.


  1. Noooo!!! He has nothing to do with this, poor Steve!!

  2. about time the police caught up with the madness of the breeuniverse

  3. The Order is using the police to frame Steve. =\

    The HoO has been kind of pesky for the Order lately, now, hasn't it? Especially Steve. He knows too much, he's dangerous, and people around London know he goes around preaching the HoO... it wouldn't be surprising if he did something crazy like make its mark in blood.

    Poor Steve. I really like him, he's the spitting image of how good the Hymn can be.

  4. Poor Steve... i doubt he has something to do with Kate's death.... If she's really dead

  5. Now Steve will be reunited with his former employers, Gavin and Tariq, in jail.

  6. You'd think by now they would get prepared for anything.

  7. Steve worked for Gavin and Tariq?!?!? What???

    I agree with everyone... but that would be a cool twist... have Steve go bad guy (real bad guy) out of the blue like that.

  8. He's definitely been framed.

  9. Lee worked for Gavin/Tariq, not Steve.


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