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Friday, January 18, 2008

Thank You Mesh


"We wanted to let you know that our good friend and co-Creator, Mesh Flinders, has left the show. We wish Mesh the best of luck with his creative endeavors and we’ll be rooting for him.

Mesh wanted to say goodbye, so please check out his post below.

Miles, Greg, and Amanda"


  1. Damn. The cute one left.

  2. i know greg reads this, i hope he defends himself. lol. he's got watcher mystique.

  3. Thanks Milo! Yeah, the cute one is here to stay!!! Have you seen my wife? I must have something going for me :)

  4. EDIT, I am on amanda's computer and didn't realize I posted that as her! This is Greg, I am going to use Amanda's name again to show this is me :)

  5. The benefits of posting a comment anonymously is you don't have to worry about accidentally posting a comment using your wife's account and confusing me.


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